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On Location...

Lifeforce Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Geoff Austin

On Location

Chancery Lane (London Underground Station) was used.

I think some of the European Space Agency exteriors were done at what is now BBC Elstree. (It used to be ATV, do you remember Gerry Anderson's UFO? -Those exteriors). Other work was done there, I played one of the zombie vampires in the film and we rehearsed our parts there and some pick up shots were also done filmed there. [Thanks to Simon Collins]

I was one of the special extras who appeared in the film, eg first zombie to walk out of door on roof of PM offices, zombie to get shot in head in ally by peter firth (it took too many takes), and close up of my contact lenses just after Frank Finlay gets killed. The first location I worked at was a hospital/convent in watford used as the mental home, we also used the car park as the roof of the PM's offices for the helicopter to land. [Thanks to Martin Hauke]

Can you help? Do you know any of the London, GREATER LONDON, UK filming locations used for Lifeforce? [Please send them in]

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