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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1981 Teen Drama movie starring John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Clare Grogan More Cast

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for The High School in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Abronhill High School, located at Larch Road, Abronhill in Cumbernauld, NORTH LANARKSHIRE, Scotland.

There's a scene as they walk to school near a corrugated iron underpass - that's in Ravenswood, by Dowanfield Road at Our Lady's High School.

In the opening scene, where the boys are watching the nurse through her window, that building was the Electricity Board (SSEB) training centre in Seafar on Allanfauld Road, Ravensood. It's now a Christian Centre and is located not far from the corrugated tunnel. [Thanks to Angi Shields / Chris Hendrie]

As the boys are wallking along being regaled with stories by the young window cleaner - that's 'The Square' between Ash Road and Spruce Road in Abronhill.

They walk towards the bridge (that we never see in the movie) over Blackthorn Road (at the end of The Square) towards Pine Road/Pine Place, but there is a cut and they're then walking towards the bridge again from the opposite direction.

Then Gregory bids farewell to his mates and disappears up a wee side path (part of Larch Grove) that is a dead end in real life. [Thanks to Chris Hendrie]

The football matches were played at the Oak Road Football pitch in Oak Road, Abronhill, Cumbernauld.

Gregory's house was, we believe, in Netherwood place in the Westfield area of Cumbernauld (the opposite end of the town to Abronhill), although we do not know the address or the street it was filmed in. [Thanks to everyone who wrote in with this]

The park was not Palacerigg as sometimes stated, it was actually Cumbernauld Park, which is adjacent to the wooden houses with flat roofs Gregory and Claire Grogan were walking past on their 'date'.

This is one of my favourite ever films as I stayed in Oak Road, between the football park and the school, and attended the school. During the summer of 1980 I spent many a day watching the crew filming - they seemed to spend more time setting up then putting gear away due to rain than actually filming!! [Thanks to Alan Coleman]

The clock where Gregory is supposed to meet Dorothy is in the new Cumbernauld shopping centre called The Antonine Centre which opened in May 2007. It is located upstairs in between the River Island and Woolworths! [Thanks to Angi Shields]

The chip shop in the film was the "trio" chip shop in Larch Road.

The phone box where one of the girls changes her clothes was the phone box in Ash Road. [Thanks to Lynsey]

One scene was filmed at Whitelees Primary School, also in Abronhill. It was a dialogue between Gregory's sister and her boyfriend. It was filmed at the back entrance (the staff entrance), which was probably the only time the pupils were ever round there. Pretty much the entire pupil population of the school were used as extras. I was about ten at the time and remember it well. There were a few takes. On the first couple the kids all exited the school in too much of a hurry and we were told it all looked a bit unnatural, so some of us older kids decided to kick around at the back, straggling. All in the name of realism.

The scene where Gregory almost get's hit by a car (his PE teacher's driving it, I think(?)) was filmed at the west end of Moss Road (also Abronhill). The car was turning on to Moss Road from Blackthorn Road.

Sadly, the original location of the clock (which is now in the Antonine Centre) no longer exists. At the time of filming it was in a stairwell that connected the east end of the original town centre with the Woolco store. That whole area is now completely unrecognisable. [Thanks to Craig Ward]

David Campbell kindly sent word of a flickr set of fantastic then/now images he's researched and taken. You can view them here.

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