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The boys discuss the merits of women playing soccer...
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1981 Teen Drama movie starring John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Clare Grogan et al.
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The original American Cinema release was overdubbed with softer Scottish accents, so that the audience would better be able to understand the dialogue.
Contributed by: Jon Harris
John Gordon Sinclair was billed as Gordon John Sinclair. He subsequently reversed his christain names in the hope it would sound less Scottish and result in more work.
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The sequel (Gregory's Two Girls, 1999) is one of those rare occurences - a sequel with the same director, writer, star, and location, as well as several other actors.
Contributed by: Dennis
Chic Murray who played the headmaster (or principal in USA terms) was a well-known Scottish comic. He began his career in the music hall where he performed a double-act with his wife. He sadly died in 1985.
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Clare Grogan is best known as leading the 1980's britpop band Altered Images, her other main acting role was as the original Kochanski in the Sci-Fi cult series, Red Dwarf (billed as C P Grogan)
Contributed by: Dennis
Clare Grogan -or C P Grogan as she now likes to be called - was working in a restaurant, "The Spaghetti Factory" in Glasgow, when a customer offered her a role in a movie he was making. The customer was Bill Forsyth and the movie was Gregory's Girl.
Contributed by: Nat
Claire Grogan now presents on VH1 music channel.
Contributed by: Dennis
After Altered Images split up in 1984, Clare went on to star in another movie directed by Forsyth, "Comfort & Joy". She continues to work in television as a presenter and lives with her husband in North London.
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What is the "meaning" of the the boy in the penguin suit?

The answer is sadly -and suprisingly mundane. Director Bill Forsyth said in a recent interview that it was nothing special and simply came from watching someone at Abronhill High school, where the film was shot, carrying a papier-mâché head down a corridor “and no one batting an eyelid; a school is a place where anything can happen.”
Contributed by: Chris Hendrie
The old window cleaner is Pat Lewsley who was the head housing officer for Cumbernauld Council and a bit of an amateur dramatist.
Contributed by: Dennis
Dee Hepburn acted only three times more post-Gregory's Girl. She played Isobel on a tv series called "Maggie", had a part in the little-known feature film "The Bruce" and did a brief stint in a British soap opera called "Crossroads." She later entered a career as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. This seems so sad, all that promise and she ends up flogging drugs.
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The director, Bill Forsyth, also made "Local Hero".
Contributed by: ms
Why does Claire Grogan prefer to be called C P Grogan?

Does it stand for Corporal Punishment ?

Or something other?
Contributed by: Erum Waheed
I played Eric the photographer in a form play of this in 1984/5; not very interesting except Ed Simons (since of the Chemical Brothers) played Gregory.
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