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The entire film was shot in England. Shooting took just over 6 months but production was shut down for over 20 weeks due to injuries and accidents.

Parris Island scenes were shot at a real military training camp in Bassingbourne. The barracks set was built at Pinewood studios in Enfield.

The British Army training camp was near Cambridge. After filming the assault course was left up for a while and used by the real soldiers for their training. It was eventually taken down for safety reasons. [Thanks to Philip White]

They actually used some of the recruits as extras in the movie and some of the actual buildings on the barracks were used for filming. [Thanks to Mick Fraser]

Becton, an abandoned 1930s gasworks town by the Thames in Greater London was used to depict the Vietnam city of Hue.

The barracks scene was a disused industrial storage unit in London that was finished with false walls and decorated. [Thanks to dan salter]

The scenes of the ruined city of Hue were shot at a dockyard on the Isle of Dogs, London that was scheduled for demolition. In some shots there is a rock in the background that looks very much like the monolith from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Kubrick says it wasn't intentional, but was noticed while watching the rushes.

Cliffe Marshes in North Kent was used for the scene where they are walking down a dusty road with tanks passing and refugees walking in the opposite direction, with a canal on the right hand side. If you look closely on the left on the horizon you can see Canvey Island. I lived in Cliffe Village at the time and had to find out why there were palm trees sprouting up all over the place. [Thanks to Mark Godden]

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