Full Metal Jacket Bloopers & Goofs

Full Metal Jacket Picture
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Drama movie starring Matthew Modine, Vincent D'Onofrio, Adam Baldwin et al.
Contributed by: M Morel
During early scenes when the recruits are being marched around the base take a look at the road markings - they are clearly UK and not US markings.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Private pyle's position in the barracks bunk line moves during the verbal abuse scene at the start of the film
Contributed by: Tom Hill
It seems that when Hartman punches joker in the gut that he starts to hit him with his left fist, but when the scene changes to the hit, it is with his right fist.
Contributed by: Allen Mitchell
Ask any Marine, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get live or spent ammunition off of a firing range. All brass is counted and if there is a discrepancy the platoon is not allowed to leave the range until ALL rounds are accounted for. Therefore, the killing of Hartman in the head by Pyle could never happen. All Marines I know love the movie but laugh about that scene.
Contributed by: Ceasar
When GySgt Hartman goes to punch Joker for impersonating John Wayne, he begins to use his left but as the scene switches to a different angle, Joker gets hit with Gunny's right (in Joker's left side).
Contributed by: Tim Carmichael
When Joker and Raptor are flying in the helicopter, the scene briefly shows the shadow of the helicopter on the trees below. The shadow is clearly of a helicopter in the shape of a Hughes OH, rather than a Sikorsky body shape. The movie then cuts to the Sikorsky and the shooting at peasants on the ground takes place.
Contributed by: Michael Hacker
When Cowboy decides to go over the wall to meet up with Animal Mother, (near the end when Eightball and Doc were lying dead) he calls out four names to go with him, then Joker and Rafterman decided to join them, making a total of seven guys going over the wall, but only six actors went over.

Also when Animal Mother first gets to where Doc and Eightball are, he peers carefully around a corner then gets shot at by the sniper, the bullet hits near Mother, then the muzzle flash appears. As far as I know, light travels faster the a bullet. Big mistake.
Contributed by: Herbert
When trying to kill the sniper, the one soldier against the wall with cigarette pack on his helmet was shot, falls down. In the next scene the same guys is fighting and alive.
Contributed by: simon beck
On the assault course, Harman tells the soldiers that one of the obstacles (a horizontal ladder sort of thing) should take no less than 10 seconds. Of course he means no more (as he says later)
Contributed by: Mike Maben
While Pile is firing his gun and the and camera angle is a side shot he has a bandage on his right wrist.

When the camera angle changes to from behind the bandage is missing.
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