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On Location...

Fletch Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Ira S. Rosenstein

On Location

The beach scenes were shot in Santa Monica and they are under Santa Monica pier when the police beat up and take Gummy away.

Fletch's apartment building is the distinctive one at 827 4th St., Santa Monica. [Thanks to Tom John]

Fat Sam's shack is in the pier's parking lot, as is the scene when Fletch is roller skating - just a different camera angle. [Thanks to peter]

Fletch was also filmed in Ogden, Utah, on 24th Street. [Thanks to Brandie]

If you look close at the mailing lable for the Ed McMhan contest it says Provo, UT but the ZIP code is 84403, Ogden, UT.

The short bit where he is getting into his rental car was filmed at the Ogden Airport on the south apron. The Mountain View Motel is located on 563 West 24th street in Ogden. The Moutain View Motel is now called the Mountain View Apartments, a low rent apartment complex. The Western Air Lines 727 shows the Salt Lake Airport both times it is shown. [Thanks to Jay Flitton]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Los Angeles, S. California filming locations used for Fletch? [Please send them in]

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