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Death Wish 2 was filmed on location in Los Angeles (unlike Death Wish 3, which was partially filmed in the UK despite being set in New York) - specifically, parts of it were filmed in Olvera Street, Los Angeles. (It was also filmed in Hollywood).

Paul Kersey's home was at 1203 South Crescent Heights Blvd at the southwest corner of South Crescent & Packard Street. You can even see the 1203 twice: When the punks show up at the house, it can be seen next to the door, and a little bit later when an unsuspecting Paul Kersey and his daughter pull up to the house, it can be seen in bronze letters on the house.

The sleazy motel where Paul Kersey stayed (under the name "Kimball" which is the same pseudonym he used in Death Wish 4 and The Evil That Men Do) was the Southern Hotel at 412 E 5th Street in Los Angeles. This location is only 0.8 miles (1.28Km) from South Grand & West 6th which is in the movie Con Air where Pinball's (Dave Chapelle) corpse lands on the Volvo.

The Pioneer Chicken is quite likely (I'm not 100 percent) the same one used in the DeBarge video "Rhythm Of The Night". You can see a sign for Hector Hotel in the upper left corner of this screenshot and there was a hotel next to the Pioneer Chicken in Death Wish II and this Pioneer has the same multicolored arches. Those two things are what make me suspect it's the same place.

The scene where Charles Bronson stops at a red light and is scrutinized by the young teenage hooker was at 6700 Hollywood Blvd @ the southwest corner of Hollywood Blvd & Las Palmas. He had been traveling eastbound on Hollywood Blvd. Just before he stops at the red light the traffic report on the radio reports heavy traffic at Hollywood Blvd & Western; the same intersection where the Pioneer Chicken was. This is only 2 miles (3 Km) from the scene in Falling Down where Robert "D-Fens" Foster (played by Michael Douglas) shot out the phone booth at 8160 W Sunset Blvd and 3.7 miles (6 Km) where he went into the surplus store owned by Nick the Nazi (Frederic Forrest). [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johansen]

The deserted apartment building (where Bronson confronts one of the gang members who killed his daughter and asks him "Do you believe in Jesus? Well you're going to meet him" was filmed at Garden Court Apartments at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard (one block west of the Chinese Theatre). The building was previously seen in "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie" (where Cheech's character "Cousin Red" lived). Building was built in 1919. Closed in 1980. Torn down in 1984. The Hollywood Galaxy Theatre complex and movie prop museum now exists there. [Thanks to Kyle J. Wood]

The KABC radio station where Jill Ireland works in the movie is at 3321 s La Cienega Blvd., West Los Angeles/Culver City area. The scene where Bronson is staring at the punks at the Pioneer Chicken is at 1716 n Western Ave. /at Hollywood Blvd. and Western Ave in Hollywood [Thanks to Robert Vannoy]

The first frames of the ending montage involve Kersey (Bronson) casting his shadow against the old Victory Clothing Co building at 242 S. Broadway, LA. The 'Bride & Groom' mural is still visible to this day [Thanks to Dave Moore]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Los Angeles, S. California (or any other) filming locations used for Death Wish II? [Please send them in]

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