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Locations Manager(s): Stan Mendoza, Janice Polley, Ronald M. Quigley, Steve Rose

On Location

The scenes where both women are being driven to the hospital to have the babies were filmed in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee (made famous by Daniel Boone). It's a small town with a population of 210 and is located where the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia all meet. The building on the corner used to be a bank, a general store and a hardware store and is now a restaurant called the "Ye Olde Tea and Coffee Shoppe" or "The Tea Room" as us locals like to call it. Also, the first shot of the movie was filmed in Cumberland Gap from a place called the Pinnacle which is a look-out on top of the Appalachian Mountains. [Thanks to Bethany]

The hotel the sisters were staying in was the famous "Plaza Hotel" located on 58th Street and 5th Ave in New York -right next to Central Park. The interior Plaza Hotel scenes were filmed on soundstages in MGM Studios, Florida.

The toy store where Bette Midler runs into her sister's son and husband is none other than FAO Schwarz, which is located directly across the street from the "Plaza" and was also used in the film "Big". [Thanks to Mark Campbell]

The Plaza Hotel sets used in this movie later were used in the early 90s' Touchstone Television/NBC series "The Nutt House". Disney spent so much money on the sets that they felt they had to be used for future filming, and Mel Brooks (of "Spaceballs" and "Blazing Saddles" fame) had a deal at Disney at the time. The two met halfway, but the cost of set maintenance must've meant no money was left for good scripts. "Nutt House" was canceled after 6 episodes, and the sets went into storage at Disney-MGM Studios. [Thanks to John Edward Kilduff]

"Big Business" was also filmed on location in a wide variety of places including Kentucky, New York City, Ohio and Tennessee. Can anyone help?

Can you help? Do you know any of the (or any other) filming locations used for Big Business? [Please send them in]

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