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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1986 Drama movie starring Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Margaret Whitton More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Randall Badger, Clayton Townsend

9 1/2 Weeks Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Clock tower in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at a clock tower, located in New York City, New York. Google Map

Shooting took place at numerous places in New York City. See below for an amazing, exclusive tour...

Comme des Garons store in SoHo, [now changed to Prada Sport Sport] was used for the store where Basinger and Rourke are attended by an Asian saleswoman. [Thanks to Fabio]

The Chelsea Market, located at that time on the 6th Avenue parking lot, between 25th Street and 26th Street in Chelsea, was used for where where she buys the chicken toy and he sees her wanting the expensive scarf. It's now an apartment complex. [Thanks to Fabio]

The scence in which Kim follows Mickey to his office was filmed at a brokerage firm called Laidlaw, Adams & Peck and was located at 40 Rector Street in lower Manhattan. [Thanks to Bob]

In the opening sequence, she walks down the footbridge ramp on the south side of the Williamsburg bridge. Another shot is of the bum under a bridge which is the bridge under Delancey, I think it is the corner of Ridge Str. [Thanks to Pat]

Elizabeth meets the garbagemen at Cortlandt Alley between White St. and Franklin St.

The Spring Street Gallery, 101 Spring Street was used as Elizabeth's workplace and also used as a crew base camp. It is on the corner of Mercer / Spring and is still there. It still looks exactly as it did in the movie. I was there yesterday. [Thanks to David O'S]

Hyfund Seafood Market 75 Mulberry Street (Chinatown) was used for the conversation between Molly and Elizabeth in front of a shop-window.

Molly hails a cab at 82 Mulberry Street. Elizabeth sees John in teahouse there. At 79 Mulberry Street, Molly & Liz are buying quails. It is the first contact between Liz & John.

Elizabeth´s apartment (INTERIOR scenes) were filmed at 838 West End Avenue (corner 101st St.)

The flea market area was located at the corner of Canal St./Greene St.

Pier # 84 on the Hudson River (on a level with West 44th Street) was where scenes on the houseboat were filmed.

At Coney Island - Subway arcade (crossing Surf Ave./Stillwell Ave.). Kids were playing video games, Liz got balloons from John. John and Elizabeth are kidding, Liz hits him with balloons at West 12th Street, Coney Island. John has the funny conversation with the young kids on Coney Island boardwalk.

John´s apartment is on top of the building at 457 West 45th Street. The Piano Factory at 454 West 46th Street is used for the entrance gate to John´s home for scenes when Elizabeth left John.

Elizabeth and John ran onto ferry at the Governors Island Ferry slips # 6 and 7.

The "Clock Tower", where Elizabeth and John had sex on top is at 346 Broadway.

Wall Street: John walks to work and buys hot dog from a vendor. Later he walks through a big lobby hall at 195 Broadway (former AT&T building) on his way to work.

Elizabeth follows John: At 27 Park Place: former "Suerkans" broker pub (Elizabeth wants to be a broker). 59 West 44th Street: the Algonquin Hotel. 172-174 Spring Street: Fight sequences in courtyard and sex scenes on stairs (heavy rain!). 1000 Third Avenue: Bloomingdale´s (scenes in Jewelry apartment, perfume department and bed(room) apartment. Kauffman & Sons: former shop for riding utensils, John bought a whip. 222 West 23rd Street: the Chelsea Hotel (Showdown). 303 West 42nd Street: INTERIOR scenes in porn mall (Showworld). St. Paul´s cemetary corner Church Street/Vesey Street: Molly and Elizabeth
having lunch on a bench (unreleased scene).

Further locations were filmed at: Comme du garcons 116 Wooster Street (Gallery INT scenes). 55 Liberty Street (Residence: Joseph Pell Lombardi): INT scenes. Cafe des artistes 1 West 67th Street (restaurant): INT scenes. 40 Rector Street.

Lady Glenns House, Centre Island, Long Island was used for Scenes in the woods (with Farnsworth).

Bowery & Houston: Elizabeth passes bum on street, Bum washes car window

Empire State Building 5th Ave. between 34th and 33rd Streets (foot): Pickpocket robs pedestrian

7th Avenue (and 7th Avenue South): running shots on 7th Avenue from 19th St. to Spring Street (dialogue scene in cab, unreleased scene)

St. Mary´s 40 West 40th Street: INT scenes

West 45th Street between 9th and 10th avenues: John talking on phone in telephone booth

Grand Central Shuttle 43rd Street and B´way: shots on subway train (unreleased scene).

[Our eternal thanks to Wolfgang who got the above amazing location adresses from the Original Location script]

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