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Charlie Sheen and Daryl Hannah
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Drama movie starring Charlie Sheen, Tamara Tunie, Michael Douglas et al.
Contributed by: Stephanie
Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) remarks that Gekko was trading shares of NASA ten minutes after the explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger, which is impossible because it hadn't even happened yet, being that the film is supposed to take place in 1985 (Challenger was lost on Jan. 28, 1986). Furthermore, NASA is a Federal Agency (not a corporation), and therefore doesn't appear on any stock exchange.
Contributed by: Geek Boy
Gekko is round at Bud's flat for a meeting with the Blue Star team (the scene where he drops his plate through the table). At the beginning and end of the scene he's wearing white slip on leather shoes (very 80s!), but there's a shot in the middle where he appears wearing black lace up shoes.
Contributed by: David
If you look closely at the end of the exchange between Gekko & Fox at the NYC raquet club in the locker room, Gekko is definitely not ready to head out to his limo, as he is only wearing white socks, which can be seen if you look closely right before the "stop sending me information..." quote.
Contributed by: Michael
You can see the camera crew in reflection of Gordon's office door when he is talking to Bud about breaking up the airline.
Contributed by: Steve N
When Bud gets his first visit with Gekko and is about to leave his office, notice he doesn't look too messy. But when he comes out and shuts the door, his tie is all jacked up and I think his hair's a little ruffled too.
Contributed by: jw
The sun is rising behind Gecko during the early morning telephone call to Bud. Gecko is supposed to be facing the Atlantic Ocean. That would mean that the sun rose in the west that day.
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