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Wall Street Behind The Scenes

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Terence Stamp plays "Sir Larry Wildman"
Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1987 Drama movie starring Charlie Sheen, Tamara Tunie, Michael Douglas et al.
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The filmmakers had to build their own trading floor, as using a real one would have been impossible. Still, building required a location search because the set needed to be within view of Wall Street. "That way you could look out the window - that has impact on the visual part of a movie. That's one of the great reasons why people want to go to the real place to shoot. You're getting everything on that street as part of the package" says Ken Haber, Locations Manager.
Contributed by: Nick C
Very much at the heart of Gekko's look are his braces. The pair of braces Gekko wears most often in the film are dark blue with a sky blue stripe, actually, the Old-Etonian colours (which Gekko would not be entitled to wear, as it's very unlikely he ever went to Eton). All of the braces worn by Gekko in the film were made by the world's oldest brace making company - Albert Thurston, of Leicester, England.
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Oliver Stone's first choice for Gordon Gecko was Richard Gere.
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Sir Larry Wildman, the British takeover artist played by Terence Stamp, is widely believed to be modeled after Sir Gordon White of Hanson PLC. Hanson is a company that does nothing but acquisitions, liquidations and wholesale deconstruction of companies.
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Hal Holbrook's fatherly character, Lou, is named after Oliver Stone's father (the film is dedicated to his dad at the end) who died a year before the film's release.
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One of Oliver Stone's first choices to play Gekko was Warren Beatty.
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Tom Cruise wanted to play the part of Bud Fox but Oliver Stone had already promised Charlie Sheen the role. He promised he would cast him in another one of his films (which he did in "Born on the 4th of July").
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Charlie Sheen was actually asked by Oliver Stone whether he wanted Jack Lemmon or his father to play the role of Carl Fox.
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Gordon's office was on lower Broadway and is the current home of Thompson Financial!
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