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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Action / Adventure movie starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer et al.
Contributed by: Josh Eldridge
Patch problems: Maverick is supposed to be part of the Wolfpack of VF-1. But if you notice the patch that he wears is from and E-2C unit aboard the same carrier. And the squadron patch that Iceman and Slider are wearing are actually unit patches of VFA-25 "The Fist of The Fleet" who fly the F/A-18 Hornet.
Contributed by: Lionel
At the beginning of the film the bald guy is not wearing any ribbons while in the control room, but then a few moments later, he has them on.
Contributed by: Paul Messenger
In the beginning, when Maverick is about to land on the carrier, he throws the throttle backward to make the audience think he's speeding up to get back to Cougar, but he is actually throttling down the aircraft. He would've come to a dead halt in real life!
Contributed by: John Holmes
In the early bar scene, after 'Charlie' blows off Maverick, he says something to the effect of "bartender, I need a beer." However, he grabs a beer that is sitting there, and has been through the whole encounter. If you look closely, it's actually a beer another person was drinking!
Contributed by: Adam McGowan
When Goose and Maverick are singing to 'Charlie' in the bar, they get the words wrong. They say '...but baby, believe me I know that...' when it's actually '...but baby, baby I know that...'. It could be seen as a mistake by the characters, but the full bar make the same mistake..?
Contributed by: Silvia Mendoza
At the end of the movie, a victorious Maverick is hoisted on the shoulders of the guys. As he goes up, he isn't wearing sunglasses, his head goes out of the shot, and when he comes down, he's wearing a pair!
Contributed by: Craig Perks
After Goose dies and Maverick is flying with a new co-pilot and won't engage, the co-pilot's name on his helmet dissappears after they land and are walking accross the tarmac, when he is telling Maverick "we could have had him man, we could have had him!"
Contributed by: JBrown
When is a goof not a goof? Well, on the movie cover if you look at Tom Cruise's jacket you will see a kind of red diamond looking patch on his right breast, that is a MARINE Airwing patch. Maverick was a Navy Fighter Pilot not a Marine Fighter Pilot, however the Marines are an adjunct service to the Navy and Marine pilots do attend TOP GUN
Contributed by: Mikael
During the final air combat scene when Hollywood's plane takes a missile to the aft of the F-14A, he is forced to eject. When it shows Hollywood after he has "ejected" there are two VERY big errors. Error #1: Hollywood would have still been connected to the ejection seat. Error #2: You can see Hollywood "throw" his shute open. This is not how ejection seats work. As soon as the Pilot or RIO disconnect from the ejection seat, the shute automatically opens, thus, he would have no need to manually open his shute.
Contributed by: Billy Coleman
In the scene when Maverick flies with Sundown just after Goose dies, Sundown has the name "Sundown" on his helmet when they are in the cockpit. When they are out of the plane afterwards the "Sundown" name has gone from the helmet.
Contributed by: lucus76
In the Scene where Maverick is riding the motorcycle along the runway. The bike is actually being towed by a trailer. This would be just a bit of movie magic except for the tie down straps are visible in the shot, just above the front fender.
Contributed by: Josh Eldridge
People have said that whenever the actors are in the cockpit you never see them with gloves on and their sleeves rolled down. US Military pilots are supposed to have their sleeves rolled down and gloves on in case of an emergency such as a fire or ejection.

Although pilots have written in to say that Naval Aviators were not required to wear gloves when flying over water, (the glove fingers being leather would become slippery if a the crew ended up in the water after an ejection, making it difficult to release parachute fittings), another reader wrote in to say that "It is absolutely not true that Naval Aviators do not wear gloves over water. OPNAV 3710.7T (and its previous iterations), which is the instruction that applies - does at no point indicate that you don't wear gloves or that the wear of gloves is optional over the water. Quite the opposite. You are required to wear gloves at all times in Naval Aircaft, because of the possibility of fire. Some people don't when they're over the boat, some don't ever, but they're breaking the rules. Trust me on this, I'm a Naval Aviator with over 1300 flight hours."
After Charlie humiliates Maverick in front of the class and he storms out to his bike, you notice that the building is at NTC which is near San Diego Bay (Top Gun School was at NAS Miramar, about 15 miles north).

Also after he scoots off and Charlie follows him in her Poor Man's Porsche, they exit to the right through Gate 6 of NTC and wind up halfway up Laurel Street. NTC Gate 6 is on Rosecrans Blvd and to get to Laurel St, you have to take a right on Barnett and go to PCH, take right and then a left on Laurel. It's a few miles. Another way is if you were to exit Gate 6 is to take a left on Rosecrans, then a left on Nimitz, a left on Harbor Drive then to Laurel. That's also a bit of a roundabout way.
During the final dog fight scene, Maverick and Iceman are supposedly flying side by side.

Maverick says "Ice we got 2 Migs dead ahead".

Ice replies, "I see them, I see them, one Mig passing between us".

However when the shot of the mig passing between them is seen the other plane which should be an F14 appears to me to be a Mig 28.
On Maverick's flight jacket there is a Seabee patch (best view is on the movie poster); The Seabees are the Navy's Construction Force. They do not fly aircraft and usually do not deploy on ships. Unless Maverick was a Seabee before he was a "Naval Aviator"?

Matt Cline kindly wrote in to update us: The reason Maverick had a Seabee patch on his jacket, was a nod to the battalion that built a lot of the sets for the movie. NMCB 1 aided heavily in the movie, so it was a thanks to them.
In the scene where Maverick goes inverted with the Mig 28, the frames of the F14 imposed above the Mig are reversed, therefore "Mavericks" name bar just under the canopy line is back to front.
During a flight scene where the F-14 is coming in for a landing, the sound used is actually the sound of an S-3 Viking antisub jet. Nicknamed "Hoover" due its soundling like a vacuum cleaner. I should know, I spent 3 years working on the flight deck of USS Constellation.
In one of the last scenes when his CO walks into the locker room and asks him what he is going to do now that he is a hero if you look at the locker to the right of Mavericks it still has Goose's name stencilled on it.
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