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Pinned by the predatory Vera!
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan et al.
Contributed by: Mike Manrique
When the Executives are huddled around a table at Howard and Vera's for the weekend and Brantley is talking to other guests at the gazebo... there are at least 2 executives at Brantley's table that are also with Howard...
Contributed by: Caitlin Foito
In the scene where M.J. Fox is sitting in his new office for the first time and decides to answer the phone the length of his hair changes noticeably during his conversation (this happens a lot during the film).
Contributed by: Mohd Nizam
There is a time where "Uncle Howard" and his exec. are jogging on the roof of the office building, then there is a scene where Howard asks the exec. to check their pulse rate, everybody was watching their pulse by looking at their watch, the bald guy wasn't wearing a watch! Shortly, when another scene continues, that bald guy is wearing a black watch.
Contributed by: Debbie Worth
When Brantley gets the limo to drive Vera to the country, her big diamond ring is on the left hand. But then she reaches to press a button on the roof of the limo, the pear shaped diamond ring is on her right hand. In the next scene she reaches down to take off the shoes and the plain ring is back on the right hand and the diamond ring is back on the left.
Contributed by: Mike Manrique
While "Carlton Whitfield" is on the phone requesting his secretary (just after moving into his office) he states that he has his name name on the door, yet what he does not have is a secretary. Interesting, because the next scenes of him in mailroom garb, walking down to request personailzed stationary and memos and..... a nameplate for his door.
Contributed by: *Johanna
When Brantley goes to the country house to drop off Vera, she invites him in for a drink.

Brantley and Vera are drinking oustide and Brantley goes on a about how trees produce oxygen and he raises his glass and his whole drink spills and his glass is empty but then you look at his glass again and its half full again.
Contributed by: Nick
At the start of the limo drive with Vera to the country, she is heard on the phone complaining that "this is the 3rd weekend in a row that he [Howard] has found an excuse not to come to the country..."

Yet later that afterrnoon, he turns up anyway!
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