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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Action / Adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

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In the 15th round when Rocky is just dodging Drago's punches. Rocky moves back to avoid a punch but slips. Drago actually sticks his arm out to make sure he doesn't fall.
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Text of the Soviet anthem is incorrect.
Thanks to Jose
The words that the Russian (the one that is called later "big mouth") tells Drago when he is in the ring, just before the song "Livin' in America" starts, are not real Russian language. When played to a friend who is Russian, she didn't understand any of it.
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The fight with Drago is scheduled for Christmas Day. But upon arriving at the remote spot in Russia where Rocky will train, Paulie complains that he won't get to watch the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl is played on New Year's Day, a week after Christmas and the fight.

But Chris wrote in to say that Rocky was in Russia for over a year before the fight in preparation. That is why you can hear the Chipmunks Christmas song playing in the background in one of the scenes before the training montage.
Thanks to Mike.
In the fight with Drago one of the shots shows Rocky's gum shield flying out towards the crowd behind him, yet when he gets up he picks the gum shield up from in front of him.

Also at the start of one of the later rounds Drago shouts something at Rocky and you can clearly see he has no gum shield in for the start of the round.
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Drago's Soviet Army uniform has the wrong rank insignia for a Captain.
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Rocky gets a great tan while bundled up, training in the snow, somehow.
Thanks to The Many People Who Wrote In To Mention That!
Just before the fight between Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago, there is a scene in the ring where Apollo is yelling "I want you! I want you!", across to Drago. If you look closely you will see Apollo without any gloves on pointing his finger towards Drago while he is making that statement. The scene immediately widens out and you see Apollo with his white boxing gloves on.
Thanks to Kris J
Rocky goes out in the snow in Russia to run with minor stubble, when he returns to see Adrian at the cabin to greet him he has a fully grown beard. How long could a man run for in the snow without food? :-)
Thanks to Paul Price
During the fight between Rocky and Drago, Duke is seen celebrating Rocky's performance with Paulie (his hand is on Paulie's head!!). Several minutes later, this exact same footage is repeated.
Thanks to Nathan
Just before the Rocky/Drago press conference, the movie shows a series of press clippings. If you pause the DVD version you will see that the text below the headlines is from unrelated topics, including a United Auto Workers article.
Thanks to Aaron
In the original 'Rocky', Rocky says he's 30. Less than a year later, 'Rocky II' takes place, making Rocky about 31 (This is when he and Adrian marry). There is a scene in 'Rocky III' when a newscaster states that Rocky is 34. Notice at the beginning of 'Rocky IV', Rocky just finished his fight recently, and had a 'rematch' with Apollo as his owed 'favor' to Creed. This rematch could not have been more than a few months, or even a couple years, before Rocky defeats Drago in Russia. Yet, Rocky says to Adrian, "...It's been almost nine years since you married me." Rocky shouldn't be older than 35 or 36 in 'Rocky IV'. But, according to Rocky's anniversary statement, he should be about 40. The math doesn't add up. That being said... I love 'Rocky IV'!
Thanks to Patrick
This actually has a bit more to do with Rocky V than Rocky IV, but when Rocky leaves for the Soviet Union his son looks to be about six or seven years old. When he comes back to America in Rocky V his son is about fifteen years old, but it is obvious that Rocky and Co. immediately came back after the fight due to the bruises and cuts still all over Rocky's face.
Thanks to Dc
The fatal punch that kills Apollo starts off as a left hook but when it cuts to a close up, becomes a right cross.
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When Rocky tells the Russian crowd "That's better than 20 million people killing each other", the ring announcer translates it as "Ehta luch'e chem dvadtsat millionov dollarov", which means "That's better than 20 million dollars".
Thanks to Anonymous
When Rocky is backing out of the driveway after the disagreement with Adrian, the stones on the driveway sink in as the tires turn. Clearly a set!
Thanks to Craig S.
2 plotholes in Rocky IV not already covered:

1) In America, there is exactly one minute between rounds in a boxing match. Apparently not the case in Russia! After Round 14 ends, the Soviet politboro sports commissioner guy ("Whatever he hits... he DESTWOYS!") manages to leave his special Soviet Premiere skybox, maneuver his way through a rabid packed arena to ringside, scold Drago, get chokeslammed by Drago, and Drago has time left over to give the Russian fans his big "eff you guys, I fight for me" taunt. The Russian suit is of course seen comfortably back in his box during Round 15.

2) Moscow is 8 hours ahead of Philadelphia timewise. The Balboa-Drago fight includes several clips back home to shots of Rocky Jr. plus two friends being babysat by Paulie's Robot (Moments in Good Judgment). After the fight, Rocky says that his kid should be back home sleepin', implying that it's bedtime back in Philly. Are we to believe that the biggest fight in Soviet boxing history took place somewhere between 7 am and 2 pm? Maybe we just have to give Rock the benefit of the doubt since he'd just gotten his melon pounded for 15 rounds.

Bogus Blunders

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