Poltergeist Bloopers & Goofs

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More evidence than they wanted!
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1982 Horror / Occult movie starring Heather O'Rourke, JoBeth Williams, Oliver Robins et al.
Contributed by: Tony
During the sequence with the chairs, when the camera follows JoBeth Williams under the sink, you can see a reflection --in the toaster-- of a few men carrying the already constructed mound of chairs to place on the table.
Contributed by: Olivier
At the beginning of the movie, the dog searching for food passes from a room to another. Before entering Carol Ann's (or is is Dana's?) room, the dog pushes the door to open it. If you look very carefully, you can see someone wearing red clothes walking in the room -you see him or her in the small space between the door and the wall...

It probably was the trainer calling the dog in (their voice obviously would have been dubbed out) and went to hide behind the door.
Contributed by: Ryan McMaster
In the climax scene when Diane is zapped and flies behind the stairs near the entrance of the kitchen, you can spot somebody moving their shoe out of the frame in a split second. It's to the far right of the screen and I think you may only be able to see it in the widescreen version.
Contributed by: Ryan McMaster
When the Freelings are about to leave their house for good and Robbie tells his father to drive away, you will see him in a different pair of pajamas in one scene, after which it changes back to his old pajamas. This one is obvious and always good for a laugh each time you watch it after.
Contributed by: Angie Caballero
Around minute 39, as mom and dad and Dana and Robbie come into the bedroom to fetch Carol Ann after the storm, there is a small wall votive candle holder (Actually I'm not really sure what it is!) nailed just inside the door (actally mom touches it as she enters the room). Well, at first its nailed very very close to the edge, and a few frames later, it's at least 2-3 inches away!
Contributed by: ~MorbiuS001~
ln the scene when they're all out front... moving van, etc. ... notice the shadows (esp. On the roof over the front door area). It's obvious they filmed bunches of takes, from in the morning, thru late afternoon... and they used many different edits to piece together that scene. The shadows jump around like crazy. First, the sun is on the right (morning, casting shadows to the left), then, overhead (noon), then right (afternoon)
Contributed by: stl-80's-lover
In the breakfast scene where Robbie's glass of milk breaks, look closely at the bottom of the glass. You can see the wire used to pull it apart!
Contributed by: stl-80's-lover
In the scene where all the stuff in Carol Anne's room is getting sucked into the closet, look down at the bottom right of the screen where a baby carriage rolls against the wall and falls over. You can see the wire used to pull it as it kinda coils up on top of it!
Contributed by: stl-80's-lover
In the scene where Diane is demonstrating to Steve the moving kitchen chair, watch where she places it in the circle relative to where it actually moves across the floor. In the closeup of it in the circle, not all four legs are in the grooves between the tiles. Yet when it actually moves across the floor, the legs are all in the grooves! (Obviously they used the grooves as a track to pull the chair across.)
Contributed by: stl-80's-lover
The dubbing in the scene where Steve dives into the pool to search for Carol Anne is off a bit. When he pops up out of the water and says "Nothing! Nothing!", his mouth is open but his lips aren't moving!