Millennium Bloopers & Goofs

Millennium Picture
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1989 Sci-Fi movie starring Cheryl Ladd, Kris Kristofferson, Daniel J. Travanti et al.
Contributed by: Nick
The idea that they can replicate the survivability result of an air accident so precisely with a simple bomb stuck randomly on the aircraft windshield instead of the original hijackers bullet (presumably into the pilot) and end up with the very same person survive the following crash is totally ridiculous.

There are many examples of this kind of thing in this movie, which is such a shame because the core concept of time travelers removing people from doomed airliners is a really good one and the movie has many redeeming features and some great dialog in places.
Contributed by: Nick
Just before Bill finds the stunner in the wreckage hangar, the other guy says goodnight and to let the guard know when he's finished, then proceeds to turn all the lights off very theatrically, one bank at a time...

C'mon. There's no way he would have done this & left the senior NTSB investigator to look through wreckage in the dark!!!