Midnight Madness Bloopers & Goofs

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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1980 Comedy movie starring David Naughton, Stephen Furst, Michael J. Fox et al.
Contributed by: Steve
How did the red team know that the rest of the teams were at Miniature golf world?

They had just left the fair after their car was getting towed while everybody was there...
Contributed by: Anonymous
At miniature golf world, what kind of parents take all their kids golfing at 2 am in the morning? (the parents in front of the blue team).
Contributed by: Drew Morris
In the scene where Adam is teasing Marvin about needing a "Hot" car for the contest at 14:30 minutes, Marvin and Adam both refer to what was clearly a yellow Toyota Land Cruiser as a "Jeep". The car does resemble a Jeep Wrangler but gosh darn it the logo Toyota is seen clear as day.
Contributed by: Charles Sambuchino
Mrs. Grimhouse (landlady) is initially handcuffed in the front but in the motel room she is handcuffed in the back...
Contributed by: Charles Sambuchino
When Melio and Lucille take over the van to send Harold back to pick up the little Harold doll they turn the steering wheel to the right but the van turns to the left.
Contributed by: Nathan Rambaud
In the hall at the Bonaventure Hotel, when Harold has the Yellow team at point blank range with a fire hose, and Melio turns on the water, Barf is laughing hysterically as he holds the hose that is rapidly filling with water.

The camera shot cuts to Harold and we can still see Barf in the background but he is not touching the hose at all.
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