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Richard Masur's hilarious performance as Les's dad.
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1988 Comedy movie starring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Heather Graham et al.
Contributed by: Daniel Zubiate
The scene where the car is being towed, Heather Graham runs to watch. In this shot, you can see it was printed backwards (as to have her looking the in the proper direction). This is noticable by the signs on the buildings behind her.
Contributed by: David Jones
When the Caddy rolls across the lawn, the Audi can be seen in the driveway after Natalie supposedly has driven off in it.
Contributed by: David Jones
After the drunk man drives off in the Caddy, Les, Dean, and Charles get in the Volkswagen, Charles says they can't take the car and Les says "Yeah? Well, he took our car. We're gonna take his!", but if you look closely, you'll see that Les's lips are not moving when he says it.
Contributed by: Daniel Zubiate
In the scene when they are at Archie's Atomic. Dean (Corey Feldman) gets in the car and the camera dollies over. In the reflection of the car, you can see the face of one of the crew members.
Contributed by: Jessica (CoreyLover)
When Les is inside eating with his family, Dean is outside honking relentlessly. After a while, Les's parents yell "Get out!" and the honking suspiciously stops... How did Dean know that Les's parents had excused Les from the table?
In the dream sequence at the beginning of the movie and the school bus is ramming the back of the Ferrari, the rear of the car is as high as the hood on the bus, but when we see the bus chasing the car, you can see it is much lower, obviosly the car was on the back of a flatbed truck for filming.
After Les picks up Dean and Charles in the Caddy and they are driving down the road, as the camera view changes from int to ext shots you can see that the rear view mirror has disappeared from the windscreen, this had to be done though or it would of been right in front of Dean's face for the ext shot.
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