Class Bloopers & Goofs

Class Picture
A very young John Cusack in his first big screen role.
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1983 Teen Drama movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, Jaqueline Bisset et al.
Contributed by: Paul
As Jonathan is climbing the trellis in women's underwear, the football player who runs into a tree hits the tree, then, in the next frame he is again approaching the tree but has not yet hit it.
Contributed by: Secret Admirer
During the end fight between Jonathan (McCarthy) and Skip (Lowe), Skip appears to climb through the dorm window, which is closed.
Contributed by: Secret Admirer
Near the end of the film, Roger (Ruck) has a black eye that disappears later on.
Contributed by: Secret Admirer
Just after Jonathan (McCarthy) told Skip (Lowe) that he cheated on his SATs, Skip gets an apple from the mini fridge with his left hand and, when he takes a bite, it appears in his right hand.