Breakin' Bloopers & Goofs

AKA: Breakdance
Breakin' Picture
Kelly and Adam
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1984 Dance / Music movie starring Adolfo Quinones, Michael Chambers, Lucinda Dickey et al.
Contributed by: Delrose Johnson
In the auditioning scene where they rip their shirt sleeves, the next shot shows the sleeves intact.
Contributed by: Evin
During the scene in the beach, when electro-rock number 2, played by Bruno "Pop n' Taco" Falcon is dancing against Shaba-Doo, his partner electro-rock number 1, played by Timothy "Poppin' Pete" Solomon, clearly has a stand-in double that looks nothing like him.
Contributed by: Bbaby
If you watch the first dance scene at the Radiotron, you can see that the audience members that were first behind Ozone and Turbo, somehow magically appear on the opposite side, behind Electorock without having to walk from where they were standing (most notably, the guy with the slightly bleached hair and the dark skinned guy in the green jacket).
Contributed by: Makeba Webb
When Turbo is running and falls down the steps, you will notice that the stunt double looks nothing like him. Turbo is short and skinny with a jheri curl. The stunt double is tall, stocky, and has a box fade haircut!
Contributed by: Tyrone
When Turbo is outside dancing with the broom, you can actually see the strings attached to it.
Contributed by: Ahmed M
In the audtion scene (during 'There's no stopping us') at the very end of the song were TKO are in a huddle, the camera is racing around them in circles, at some points you can actually see the camera assistant's arm! He wasnt running fast enough behind the cameraman...