For Keeps

This is the story of Darcy and Stan, two high school students ready for success.

They have solid careers in mind, she will be a journalist, he plans on studying architecture at CalTech and they seem destined for success.

One unplanned stop on a college visit changes everything however and Darcy winds up pregnant.

"For Keeps" tells the tale of what happens to these two kids as they desperately try to catch up with their lives. Getting their own apartment and finding jobs replace the concerns of their former lives and college now seems almost out of reach.

Rather than a predictable offering that shows everything just peachy and lovely, "For Keeps" tackles many of the downsides of their predicament and as such defies expectations and elevates itself above most teen targeted pictures.

Watching the two work to turn their new reality into some semblance of their dreams is amazing. Highly recommended.


One thing is for sure. "For Keeps" is a movie that people either love or hate. It's not too sugarcoated or too depressing either. It's a movie everyone should at least try...

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Strengths: Randall Batinkoff... Molly Ringwald... What else needs to be said?

Weaknesses? A little cheesy and predictable, but these work in its favor.

Our rating: 9.4 out of 10

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For Keeps