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Posted by Spreadking (Member # 7280) on :
"When a high school senior is dumped by her boyfriend, her grades fall avoid failing, she begins seducing her male teachers. Thus begins her downward spiral into drug addiction and prostitution, and ultimately assassinations for a kingpin mob boss."

The star Jill Lansing only did this one film. This film has the right amount of every type of exploitation. Tony the pimp/dealer is my favorite character. He's just sleazy, but has a cool style. This is a must see. 4 out of 5
Posted by Crash (Member # 7484) on :
This is one of the funniest exploitation films I've seen. She goes from high school student seducing teachers to mob assassin in a matter of a couple months! It's hilarious, and I am always recommending it to my film buff friends who think that they have seen everything. This was produced by Lawrence D. Foldes, the mastermind, if you could call him that, behind "Young Warriors" and "The Great Skycopter Rescue." Back in the late 70s and early 80s, I remember the ads in trade papers like Variety trumpeting the coming of this 19-year-old phenom writer/producer/director. (I'm guessing that Foldes's father paid for them.) Needless to say, if you've seen any of Foldes's goofy output, you know that he did not turn out to be the 80s version of Quentin Tarantino. He also wrote "Lovely But Deadly" where the high school gal uses her super kung-fu skills to take out the local drug dealers. That one is almost as funny as "Malibu High."
Posted by Johnny Roarke is reckless (Member # 9826) on :
I believe i have this on dvd somewhere, on a double feature where it's paired up with Trip with The Teacher.

I can't really remember having seen it. Probably just fast-forwarded it a bit when i just bought it
to get an impression of it.. and never really took the time to watch the whole thing.

Sounds like a must-see though ! [Big Grin]
Posted by skatexedge (Member # 5712) on :
I ripped this movie and put it up over at YouTube for everyone to enjoy! LOL
Posted by Zigyma7ik (Member # 12351) on :
^ Sir you are a good man.

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