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Steve James and Michael Dudikoff were good friends in real life and starred in several movies together i.e. "American Ninja" (1985).

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MIchael Dudikoff and Steve James of "American Ninja" fame team up once more as 2 best friends caught up in a political and racist mismash against a sinister group know only as The Pentangle.

Steve James plays Larry Richards, a rising politician who is being consistently harassed by the aforementioned group and survives an assassination attempt. His friend Matt Hunter (no relation to the Matt Hunter played by Chuck Norris in "Invasion USA") is a retired secret service agent called in to protect Larry and help track down those responsible.

What follows is an intriguing and exciting 1 hour and 44 minutes of action, suspense and martial arts mastery as Hunter finds himself up against all odds from the city streets to swamp ridden forests aginst the mysterious Pentangle.

One thing you should know about the Pentangle is that all of its members are highly influential and rich people who like nothing more than gathering together and hunting humans in the swamps for sport (a la Jean Claude Van Damme's later and much weaker "Hard Target"). The swamp is their ground and no quarry has ever managed to escape... Until Matt Hunter finds himself an unwilling participant in the game.

I love this movie so much and certainly rate it higher than any other Michael Dudikoff movie. The plot, the action and the on screen chemistry between the two buddies make this one of the better 80's action movies, if not one of the more relatively unknown ones (for shame).


I love this movie and recommend it to anyone who is a fan of 80's action.

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Strengths: 1. You have two real life friends playing buddies on screen and the chemistry between them is awesome.

2. The idea of humans being hunted for sport is an awesome one and although it has been done since has never been bettered.

3. Great plot, great acting, great action.

Weaknesses? 1. Matt Hunter has a younger sister in the movie (played by Allison Gereighty) who adds little to the story and becomes quite an annoying distraction)

2. The head bad guy is just a little too camp and one would guess that he would pose less of a threat in real life.

3. Nope, can't think of anymore...

Our rating: 8 out of 10

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Avenging Force