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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Action / Adventure movie starring Michael Dudikoff, Steve James, John P. Ryan et al.
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"Avenging Force" is also known as "Nighthunter" in some countries.
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Steve James sadly passed away following pancreatic cancer in 1993.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Screenwriter James Booth in addition plays Matt Hunter's former chief Admiral Brown.
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Marc Alaimo who played Lavall in the movie enjoyed a successful run in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Gul Dukat. (He should consider himself lucky as most of the rest of the cast, Dudikoff aside, failed to set the world alight following Avenging Force).
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Good old Jason Vorhees (aka Kane Hodder) makes an appearance in the movie as one of the random thugs sent up against our heroes.
Contributed by: aTomiK
Chuck Norris was originally planned to return as the character Matt Hunter in this sequel to Invasion U.S.A. but he became tied up on other Cannon film productions. Rising Cannon star Michael Dudikoff then was then cast in the role instead.
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