Three O' Clock High

AKA: 3 O' Clock High

This was Phil Joanou's directing debut. Steven Spielberg, the executive producer for "Back to the Future", was the executive producer for this movie, but asked for his named to be removed from the credits.

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Jerry Mitchell.

Just another high school nerd. Pretty normal life.

But today, his car has a flat tire, he's late for school, and the student store cash register won't open.

But that is nothing...

There's a new student on campus: Buddy Revell. -A guy that's been in over 20 fights and won 'em all. Beat up his teacher, pulled a knife on his football coach, and most important, DOES NOT like to be touched by anybody, AT ALL.

Well, guess what? Jerry has been given an assignment to interview Buddy and write an article for the school newspaper about him. He meets Buddy in the bathroom and talks to him, but makes a BIG mistake. Yep, he touches him.

Now Buddy just challenged him to a fight in the parking lot when school ends at 3:00. Unfortunately, Jerry is real short and has never been in any fights.


Poor Jerry. For the rest of the day, he tries everything to get out of the impending death sentence... Soon it will be 3:00.

Will Jerry survive to see tomorrow?

You'll just have to find out! This movie is hilarious! It is laugh out loud funny. You gotta see it! It's too cool to pass up!

Don't wait till 3:00! See it now!


A great comedy! A must-see!

Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: Very funny, and has a great story!

Weaknesses? Should have been better at the box office.

Our rating: 9.3 out of 10

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Three O' Clock High