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Young Einstein

In 1905 he discovered relativity... In 1906 he invented rock and roll.
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Yahoo Serious, Odile Le Clezio, John Howard, Peewee Wilson

Su Cruickshank, Michael Blaxland, Jonathan Coleman, Wendy De Waal, Tim Elliott, Kaarin Fairfax, Ray Fogo, Tony Harvey, Michael Lake, Johnny McCall, Frank McDonald, Alice Pead, Terry Pead, Lulu Pinkus, Ian 'Dano' Rogerson, Ray Winslade Update Cast


Look for Georgie Parker, David Roach making a cameo appearance!

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Yahoo Serious invested a lot in this film, he was the first Australian to write, direct, do stunts, produce and star in a film, even sinking a lot of his own money into it, selling his car and borrowing cameras.

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If you always thought Einstein was a grey haired genius from Germany then think again, movie history actually shows him to be a delinquent Tasmanian twentysomething year old with a child like view of the world, able to think outside of the box and invent things like electrified musical instruments, a new form of music called 'Roll & Rock', surfing, oh and theories like E=mc2.

Albert Einstein grew up on his father's apple farm in Tasmania but he wasn't much good at apple farming so listened to music and thought about things most of the time, but it didn't take just one apple falling out of a tree onto his head when he was listening to music to come up with the theory of relativity, oh no this crazy inventor needed a whole box of apples landing on his head to come up with that theory!

But one day his dad showed him his grandad's shed, a beer brewing laboratory, explained to him that mankind has yet to figure out how to put bubbles into beer and the first man to do so will become extremely rich. After getting quite wasted for the first time on beer, Albert figures that if you split a beer atom it'll become bigger than the sum of it's parts and you'll get bubbles into the beer.

Throughout the night he toils away on a beer atom and in the morning he finally splits it, destroying the shed in spectacular fashion.

Albert is sent off to the mainland to patent "emk" (E=mc2), after hiking through deserts, marshes, sheer cliff faces & snowy mountains (set to the great tune "Great Southern Land" by Icehouse) and ending up on a train he meets Marie Curie who he ends up falling in love with and a smarmy character called Preston Preston, then, in Sydney, he gets a room in a brothel because he thinks it's a hotel.

At the request of Marie Curie, Preston gives him a job at the Patent office which he finds totally confusing and eventually gets the sack, steals his "emk" invention to put bubbles into beer then gets Albert committed to an Insane Asylum where there's an extraordinary amount of mad scientists. Marie Curie sneaks her way into the Asylum to talk to Albert about the beer brewing barrel Preston has made, or in other words, an atomic bomb...

Does Albert escape the Asylum? does the bomb go off? Do the kittens get cooked? I'm not telling, go get the video.

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I love this film for it's totally absurd but also well thought out humour which isn't seen (or perhaps appreciated) enough in films of today, there's just too much slapstick & coarseness masqurading as humour in todays comedy films.

Young Einstein has a comedic freshness to it, with lines like "I mean, I s'pose you can split a beer atom." how can you go wrong? It was filmed well, a good pace throughout and no awkward moments that low budget films often have, this feels professionally made with sets and costumes that make you believe you're in the early 1900's.

Australian humour at it's best.
Some will switch it off after only a few minutes, citing it as purile humour.

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Key Crew

Director: Yahoo Serious
Writer: David Roach, Yahoo Serious
Producers: Ray Beattie, Graham Burke, Lulu Pinkus, David Roach, Warwick Ross, Yahoo Serious
Locations Manager: Tic Carroll, Ken Moffatt

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Release Date: 04 Aug 1989
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Warner Bros
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Comedy

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