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The Woman In Red

Be careful what you want - you might just get it!
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The ever gorgeous Kelly LeBrock stars...


Gene Wilder, Kelly LeBrock, Joseph Bologna, Gilda Radner

Judith Ivey, Michael Huddleston, Billy Beck, Tammy Brewer, Julann Griffin, Charles Grodin Update Cast

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Most of the movie's soundtrack, songs like "The Woman in Red," and "I Just Called to Say I Love You" were performed by Stevie Wonder.

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Theodore 'Teddy' Pierce (Wilder) is a happily married man. He's married to Didi, his kids are great and his work in advertising is going swell. No wonder his mind tends to stray a little.

One morning he is parking his car at work, when he hears footsteps - around the corner comes a mysterious, beautiful young woman (Le Brock), dressed in a floaty, red dress and wearing red shoes. As she walks, she passes over a vent, which causes her dress to fly up, very like Marylin Monroe's famous pose. She quickly smoothes her dress down, but not before Teddy gets an eyeful of red underwear - what a hit for the day, he thinks - then the woman stops and with a wry smile on her face, goes back to the vent and dances over it, giving the unseen Teddy a show that changes his life!

He can't get the scene from his mind and begins a foolish pursuit of the girl, who is named Charlotte and is modelling in an advertising shoot his company are holding. His group of male friends help him out, keeping the chase a secret from his wife, whose suspicions are raised anyway when Teddy's behaviour changes. His work life now consists of chasing Charlotte and escaping the clutches of another woman from work, who mistakenly believes that Teddy's attentions are directed towards her.

It all comes to a head when Teddy actually has the chance to fulfil his desires and he is naked in a hotel bed with the girl of his dreams and an open invitation to let his mind and hands wander, when the buzzer sounds and her husband calls up...

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This movie is Wilder at his best. He's not so manic as in some of his movies, which allows him time to give thought to his performance. Kelly Le Brock was created for this movie - her english accent, her legs and her particular look of touchable sensuality mean that most guys watching would at least consider doing just what Wilder does.

The supporting cast, including Joe Bologna as the leader of Wilder's buddies, Wilders wife, Gilda Radner (sadly passed away) as the mistaken co-worker who spends ages waiting in bars for him to show up, are all superb.

It's a comedy for those who like a laugh, a little slapstick and a lead character they can feel very very sorry for.

Gene Wilder is superb and Kelly Le Brock... schwing!
The only thing wrong with this movie, is that opportunties like this only ever happen in the movies!

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Key Crew

Director: Gene Wilder
Writer: Jean-Loup Dabadie, Yves Robert, Gene Wilder
Producers: Victor Drai, Xavier Gélin, Michael Grillo, Susan Ruskin, Jack Frost Sanders
Locations Manager: Larry Rapaport, Roberta J. Smith

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Release Date: 15 Aug 1984
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Orion Pictures
Production: Orion Pictures
Genre: Comedy

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