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First it controlled her mind, then it destroyed her body... Long live the new flesh!


Deborah Harry, James Woods, Sonja Smitts, Peter Dvorsky

Sonja Smits, Leslie Carlson, Jack Creley, Lynne Gorman, Julie Khaner, Reiner Schwartz, David Bolt, Lally Cadeau, Henry Gomez, Harvey Chao, David Tsubôchi, Kay Hawtrey, Sam Malkin, Bob Church, Jayne Eastwood, Franciszka Hedland Update Cast

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The main focus of the films promotion was Debbie Harry even though she has a significantly lesser role in the movie than James Woods. Subsequently, as Woods career outshone Harry's, Woods has made his way onto all the front cover of all the VHS and DVD reissues.

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Videodrome is more than just a horror flick. It's a film about the power of the media and what they transmit to us. It's also got loads of gooey special effects and Deborah Harry half naked!

The movie is about soft-core TV channel owner Max Renn (James Woods) and his desire to get something a bit more controversial and exciting on his channel to please himself and his viewers. His colleague Harlan (Peter Dvorsky) brings his attention to a video tape called 'Videodrome'. It appears to be a snuff movie and Max becomes intrigued.

While on a TV talk show he meets up with radio personality Nicki Brand (Deborah Harry) and they go home together. Nicki needs something to get her in the mood for some 'romance' and Max show her 'Videodrome'. Nicki is at once shocked and excited and expresses her interest in participating in a future taping. Max doesn't know where the tape comes from or who makes it but he warns Nicki not to get involved.

Max becomes obsessed with 'Videodrome' and asks his director friend to find out about it. She already knows and warns Max to forget about it. Max's thirst for information leads him to a hostel run by Dr. Brian O'Blivion and her daughter Bianaca (Sonja Smits). Her father is already dead but he has left a vast library of tapes detailing his experiences with 'Videodrome'. Max finds out that half his life is already hallucination caused by 'Videodrome'.

Soon he finds a hole in his chest, well it's more of an opening really. And in it he puts the video tape. 'Videodrome' is now in control. He soon finds out that 'Videodrome' controls and destroys all that watch it. Max is caught in a battle between those that created 'Videodrome' and those that want to use it for their own evil ends. Max's body is becoming the only weapon to destroy them.

The movie features some great and really disgusting special effects. It's not for the weak stomached. It's one that you'll never forget and will get you thinking before turning on the TV again! It's one of Cronenberg's most socially relevant films and one that has inspired many movies since. It's quite similar to the recent Japanese 'Ring' movies. It's a definite classic within it's genre and possibly beyond.

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I'm giving the movie less than 10 because although the effects were good for their time, it's now 20 years later and some of it does look a bit fake.

I'm also marking it down because it's rather grim and it's pretty distasteful in parts so it's not for everyone!

Still relevant today, maybe more than ever!
Good performances all round especially from Debbie Harry and James Woods.
The effects are a tad dated
It's not a movie for everyone.

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Release Date: 04 Feb 1983
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Universal
Production: Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC), Famous Players, Filmplan, Guardian Trust Company, Universal Pictures, Victor Solnicki Productions
Genre: Action / Adventure

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1983 Universal
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