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Put your hands on our hands and feel the vibes.
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Cyndi Lauper in typical 80s fashion


Cyndi Lauper, Jeff Goldblum, Googy Gress, Peter Falk


Look for Steve Buscemi making a cameo appearance!

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The role of Nick was originally written for a very short man; the 7th draft of the script has Sylvia commenting that "I like my men a little taller". After Jeff Goldblum was cast, sections were rewritten to include the "Stretcharoo" jokes.

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You might have thought she was a 'girl who just wanted to have fun'.

You probably assumed she was just interested in showing you her 'true colors'.

You've seen her wild red hair grace the t.v. screen 'time after time'.

Well now she's a blonde who just wants to get her hands on the mysterious power of the universe. If she fails, there's going to be 'a hole in her heart that goes all the way to China'!

Many have tried, but all have failed to capture the gold pyramid which rests in the middle of the mist covered Andes. When three men lay their hands on the glowing triangle, hoping to capture it, rays shoot from its core causing the men to disappear inside the pyramid forever. All, that is, except one man who is unconscious from the impact of the pyramids mighty force.

Meanwhile, back in New York, many a strange thing is occuring at The Department of Paranormal Studies. A suspicious-looking man named Ingo (Googy Gress) can see through objects; another man can make objects move with his mind; and then we meet Nick Deezy (Jeff Goldblum). Nick is a Psychometrist, which means he can see the history of an object just by touching it.

Last, but definitely not least, we meet Cyndi Lauper's character, Silvia Pickel (pronounced Pick-elle, she's quick to point out). An aspiring Cosmotologist, eclectically accessorized Silvia is a Trans-medium. She has an invisible friend from the Spirit World named Louise who is able to help Silvia because, frankly, Silvia is not capable of helping herself. Silvia has also mastered the art of Astral Projection in which the soul is able to leave the body and do other things like go to the movies while the body is still in bed (it came in handy when she was in a coma for two weeks as a child).

Silvia falls in love with everyone she meets, which includes the paranormal doctor (Julian Sands) and, of course, Nick. Single and lonely, life seems to be going nowhere until Harry (Peter Falk) breaks into her apartment and promises her $50,000 if she'll go with him to Ecquador. Silvia, feeling generous, invites Nick along, promising to split the money 50/50.

When Silvia and Nick arrive in Ecquador they really have no idea what they're looking for, other then the fact that it could be worth a lot of money. The trio plan to climb the Andes, but in the meantime they go to a nice Ecquadorian restaurant where their luck seems to be looking up, for awhile at least. The two run into Ingo who's also on the quest, but ditch him as fast as they can when they each find themselves a romantic hispanic partner.

Silvia's good looking South American love interest is a Spanish Ambassador, but Nick's latin beauty Conseulo (Elizabeth Pena) ends up trying to kill Nick. However, she herself ends up falling out of a second story window and dies instantly.

Things only seem to get worse. The trio flee the hotel and go to the hospital where they find the surviving member of the group of men who tried to capture the pyramid. He tries to tell them its location, but dies before he has the chance. Ingo meets them in the hospital and tries, for the first of several times, to kill them, but the spiritually talented Silvia becomes possessed by the spirit of Ingo's mother and sings to Ingo, distracting him long enough for them to make a break for it.

The trio decide they can't put it off any longer and so start their journey up the Andes. Before they can reach the top, Ingo sneeks up from behind and stabs Harry, killing him. The doctor, who Silvia had a crush on, is friends with Ingo and now the whole group trudge the rest of the way up the mountain where they finally see The Pyramid.

The Pyramid is actually the most concentrated psychic energy on the planet. If someone touches it and lives they will become the most powerful person in the world. Ingo and the doctor want to use the power for bad purposes, so risking her life Silvia places both her hands on the pyramid, releasing power which kills Ingo and the doctor. Silvia's life is at stake also, but thanks to her spiritual friend Louise, Silvia lives. Louise threw herself into the light of the pyramid, releasing Silvia from its deadly rays.

Louise is gone, but Silvia has finally found a kindred spirit (no pun intended) in Nick. The two kiss and it seems Silvia will now lead a normal life... until she feels an invisible presence surrond her. Is Louise back? No... it's Harry!

Enjoy Vibes, and be ready to see "A psychic Comedy that's out of it's mind!"

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Cute, cute film. Cyndi Lauper is a true original, I wish we had more entertainers like her around these days. The role seems made for her and Jeff Goldblum does an equally convincing job. It was also neat to see "Columbo" Peter Falk in the film, he's great.

I think this film was panned by a lot of people, but it's still adorable, so don't listen to those critcs!

Cute actors, neat plot, good music, just an adorable film which doesn't take itself too seriously.
Not for cynics.

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Key Crew

Director: Ken Kwapis
Writer: Deborah Blum, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel
Producers: Deborah Blum, Tony Ganz, Raymond Hartwick, Ron Howard, Kate Long, David Wolff
Locations Manager: Murray Miller, Eric Schwab

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Release Date: 05 Aug 1988
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Imagine Entertainment
Genre: Action / Adventure

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1988 Columbia Pictures
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