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Meri D. Marshall, April Stewart, Mary Kohnert, Christopher Weeks

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Many people want to be successful in the entertainment industry. They all think they have the talent and the looks to score the gig that could launch them to stardom. Unfortunately, whether you're on the East Coast or the West Coast, you'll find that the business is a small pond with too many fish. You have to take all sorts of jobs in order to keep clothes on your back, food in your stomach and gas in your car.

Cars and success...On the West Coast, in the fabled city of L.A, one is the hopeful step to the next for singer Lucy (Marshall), a transplant from Brooklyn and Rosalind (Stewart), a college student from England. The both of them work for a valet service where they grab your eye as they park your car. Dressed in vests, tight short-sleeved shirts and tighter pants, sex appeal is their hook. Unfortunately, they're driving their manager up the wall with their forward-thinking attitudes. He has a major assignment for the both of them, though.

They've been hired to work as valets at the home of music impresario Dirk Zebra (Weeks). Lucy sees this as a golden opportunity, April views it as sex objectivity and a new aspiring starlet from Georgia named Carnation (Kohnert) views it as a temporary gig. Things rapidly spire out of control as they deal with lecherous producers and rival male valets. What happens to our trio?

Everybody wants a good laugh once in a while and this movie has laughs for everybody. Whether you laugh at the sex jokes or the cheesy outfits, this is a movie that makes you feel good. There's just a wonderful feeling about this movie. It doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is: A cheesy sex comedy.

It's not only that, but it's a great example of what I call "College Comedy". Lucy, Rosalind and Carnation look like they could be anywhere from 19 to 23 years old and that's the timespan of your average college student. The fact that Rosalind is picked up from a university by Lucy to head to their job backs up this fact. There's more proof of this movie's collegiate bend at the beginning of the movie. Our first glimpse of Lucy is her selling records that she stole from the Tower Records next door. Although stealing is illegal, she could be selling worse things (like cocaine). Lucy also has an off-beat manager...A black midget named Sammy Rodenko (Cox).

That leads to another notable thing about this movie: the characters on the periphery at Zebra's house. From Zebra's gay bodyguards and a screenwriter servant and his agent master to a woman in a mermaid costume and the one and only Ron Jeremy, your eyes are darting back and forth to absorb the strangeness surrounding the girls. And then there's the music...Wonderfully 80s and very danceable. The best number would have to be Lucy's song "Reachin' Up". It reminds me of something that could be found in a "Jem!" episode. There's a bounce to it, a jolt to it accentuated by Lucy's fist-pumping and hand-waving. She gets the party involved in it and soon everybody is dancing.

This isn't the type of movie that'll win an Oscar. The acting is pretty poor and the script is a little weak. The thing is that the actors sell it...The looks and the perky voices are the right fit for this type of movie.

A final note: I like how none of the 3 main stars are California types. There's a trashy New York chick, a jovial and lovely British babe and an air-headed but good-hearted Southern belle. Many of these youth-oriented California teen movies only showed the mall chicks and the surfer dudes. It's nice to see some variety.

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If you want to have a good time, then this is the movie for you. It's not "Raging Bull" and you can tell that by the script and acting. Think about it, though: With a plot like this, do you really feel a need for good acting and writing?

Have a little fun, break out a six-pack (beer or Coca-Cola, you choice) and take a look at one of the least-known, but most entertaining, brainless good-time movies of the 80s.

Upbeat pop music, out-there fashions and enough eye candy for a feast.
The acting and script aren't that good and the ending is a little abrupt.

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Key Crew

Director: Rafal Zielinski
Writer: Clarke Carlton
Producers: Debra Dion, Dennis Murphy, Charles Band
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: Unknown
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Empire Pictures
Production: Lexyn Productions
Genre: Dance / Music

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1986 Empire Pictures
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