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The Worst Witch Trivia

Things never go right for Mildred Hubble

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Film facts for the 1986 Sci-Fi movie starring Tim Curry, Fairuza Balk, Charlotte Rae, Diana Rigg

Sabina Franklyn, Su Elliot, Danielle Batchelor, Anna Kipling, Kate Buckley, Leila Marr, Liz May Brice, Katrina Heath, Tara Stevenson, Laura Heath, Sophie Cook, Sophie Millett, Julia Nagle, Kathryn Lacey, Nevena Kaley, Caroline Woolf Update Cast

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If you look at Harry Potter and The Worst Witch, you will find interesting parallels: They are a witch and a wizard; They both go to an academy; The teachers teach kids spells; The presentations take place in "The Great Hall."
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Anna Kipling who played Ethel Hallow, also sang the 50th anniversary song "Happy Anniversary to You!" in 1987 to commemorate the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Disney Film "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs".
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Fairuza Balk plays the main character of Mildred Hubble. She can also be seen in "Return To Oz" the 80s sequel to "The Wizard of Oz," where Fairuza plays Dororthy Gayle. She is also seen in "The Craft" playing Nancy and she makes a cameo appearance as a groupie in "Almost Famous."
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Miss Cackle, the head witch at Miss Cackle's Academy of Witchcraft, was none other than the hit TV star Charlotte Rae. She also played Mrs. Garrett from the Facts of Life.
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The Grand Wizard is played by British film star, Tim Curry from such acclaim as "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Clue" and "Annie"
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The spell used for bewitching Ethel's broomstick includes nonsense English words strung together to fit a rhyme. "Fire and alabaster. Rummy, Canasta. When I say faster. I order, disaster." This seems to be the running theme through the film with the ridiculously made up spells.
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Fairuza Balk, who plays a witch in both The Worst Witch, and The Craft, practices Wicca (white witchcraft) in real life.
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More similarities between this movie and Harry Potter are, both Harry Potter and The Worst Witch have prefects, both have flying lessons, and you can see a distinct similarity between the potion teachers... Snape and Ms. Hardbroom

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "The Worst Witch".
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