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Stewardess School

This Is One Flight You'll Never Forget


Brett Cullen, Mary Cadorette, Don Most, Sandahl Bergman

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This is one of cartoon voice-over legend Rob Paulsen's few major starring roles in a live-action movie. He should do more of them...He's still young.

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Philo and George (Cullen and Most) are overgrown frat boys and failed aspiring pilots. Kelly (Cadorette) is a symphony drummer and a major klutz. Wanda (Bergman) is a former female pro wrestler. Jolean (Sperber) is the resident fat chick. Sugar (Landers) is a former hooker on probation. Larry (Paulsen) is a gay man who believes in hypnotism. Put these men and women together with a rocker chick named Cindy (Corinne Bohrer) and a perky 3rd-generation girl named Pimmie (Julia Montgomery), and together they're either the set-up for a tasteless joke or they're going to do a film in the style of "Police Academy". It's 6 of one, half-a-dozen of the other, and it's called "Stewardess School".

For various reasons, the people I've mentioned are having a rough go of it in the game of life. No respect, no love...When your life's tough, your options are either suicide or joining a group activity. That's why these individuals have joined the Weidermeyer Academy, one of the top flight attendant schools in the nation.

From the start, it's a bum deal for each student. Their quirks (klutziness, flirtiness, violence) ricochet off one another and their matter isn't helped any by the evil Miss Grummet (Frederick), a hard-drinking woman who has it in for the lot. From the fat jokes Jolean is subjected to on through to women constantly rejecting would-be casanova George, the instructors, doctors and other individuals run the gang ragged.

Despite all this, Philo the bespectacled geek and Kelly the klutz hit it off wonderfully. He reassures her, she gets him a free entrance into the girls' showers...Fair trade-off, I'd say.

After several weeks of hard learning (yeah, right...This is a bunch of slackers if ever there was one) and hard partying (okay, this they're good at), the day has finally arrived for them to become stewards.

Unfortunately, instead of working for a top company like Delta, they're assigned to the very low-grade Stromboli Airlines. You see, Stromboli (Vito Scotti) cut a deal with Weidermeyer (William Bogert) to get a cut-rate staff in order to keep his airline from the money men. Guess who the cut-rate staff is?

The flight is filled with blind people and on top of that, a Mad Bomber (Alan Rosenberg) is ready to blow the plane into flames. This is where the movie changes tone slightly from a jiggle-and-giggle comedy to a comedic thriller. The Bomber spikes the drink of the passenger next to him, sending this passenger into paroxysms of psychosis, calmed only by Sugar's techniques.

Due to an earlier hypno-job by Larry, Kelly has become a graceful individual, but that's about to revert. When the airline pilots get hit with deadly gas and the bomber himself descends to his death from the cargo bay, it's up to the crew of oddballs to save the day.

Yes, they do, but there's a double twist at the end...Will they ultimately be rewarded for their tasks?

It's the 80s...You do the math.

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I like this...A delightfully silly and politically incorrect (a movie like this could never get made today) comedy for the T&A-obsessed teen in all of us. The cast turns in good performances for silly fluff and the humor is of that wacky vintage that's randy but not explicit.

I give this a 9...A very good mark.

The ladies, the laughs, the whole movie...
With a cast including 80s babes like Judy Landers and Sandahl Bergman, who can think about faults?

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Key Crew

Director: Ken Blancato
Writer: Ken Blancato
Producers: Jerry A. Baerwitz, Elizabeth A. Bardsley, Phil Feldman, Michael Kane, Don McFarlane
Locations Manager: Steven E. Housewright

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Release Date: -- Aug 1986
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Delphi V Productions, Summa Entertainment Group, Tritol Ltd.
Genre: Comedy

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