My Stepmother Is an Alien Movie Review

My Stepmother Is an Alien

A million lightyears from home


Dan Aykroyd, Kim Basinger, Jon Lovitz, Alyson Hannigan

Joseph Maher, Seth Green, Ann Prentiss, Wesley Mann, Tony Jay, Peter Bromilow, Nina Henderson, Harry Shearer, Adrian Sparks Update Cast

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Starring Kim Basinger as an alien who is on a secret mission on Earth, her mission is seek out a nerdy young scientist played by Dan Aykroyd.

Steven Mills (Aykroyd) accidentally sends a surge of energy into space during an experiment. This, unbeknown to him, threatens the life of another planet, who in turn responds by sending in one of their race.

This is where Basinger comes into play. Deliberately disguised as an attractive female, Celeste Martin, she is sent to Earth to sort things out.

A smart talking handbag that has powers that are out of this world accompanies her.

Mills is, of course, bowled over by her presence and he is not aware of any connections between Celeste and his work.

They two have much to learn from each other. Dr Mills learns the secrets of another planets while Celeste learns what kissing is all about. They find themselves falling for each other. A spanner is thrown in the works by his young daughter Jessie (Hannigan) who has difficulty accepting the out of space visitor. This film shows us how two from different planets can be compatible.

The film has a future all star cast and is not to missed. It stars the hilarious Jon lovitz as Mill's quick-witted brother who loves his women.

This film is not a highly popular 80's movie, but in some ways is an 'improved' Howard the duck, in the way that an alien comes to earth, falls in love and deals with the idea of life on another planet in a humorous way.

It may not be to your taste but at least watch it once, if not for the plot, the chance to see Willow (Alyson Hannigan) when she was very young.

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This flim is not the best of the 80's movies but it's not half bad. You can't fault the acting, but the plot is somewhat weak. It maybe seems ubelievable that an alien taking on the beautiful form of Kim Basinger only to fall in love with Dan Aykroyd!

It has some very amusing scenes. My particular favourite is when Basinger attends a party and makes a complete idiot of herslef.

The good thing about this movie is that it has a raw - not spoilt by hollywood - feel. Basinger is very funny in this movie.

It will also have you spotting future stars left, right and centre. Such as Seth Green and Julliete Lewis.

Funny, good acting, has soem very famous stars in it.
A bit unbelievable but then its not exactly supposed to be.

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Release Date: 09 Dec 1988
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Columbia pictures
Production: Catalina Productions, Weintraub Entertainment Group
Genre: Sci-Fi

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1988 Columbia pictures
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