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Desperately Seeking Susan

Roberta is desperate to be Susan. Susan is wanted by the mob. The mob finds Roberta instead...
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None other than Madonna stars as "Susan"


Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn, Laurie Metcalf

Steven Wright, Mark Blum, Robert Joy, Anna Levine, Will Patton, Peter Maloney, John Turturro, Anne Carlisle, Josť Angel Santana, Giancarlo Esposito, Richard Hell, Rockets Redglare, Steve Bosh, Daisy Bradford, Annie Golden, Richard Edson Update Cast

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While Susan Seidelman was editing Desperately Seeking Susan, Warren Beatty called up the director and asked to look at the dailies (film from each days shooting).

Seidelman recalls, "He came to the editing room and watched some scenes. He was obviously intrigued by Madonna. Watching his face watching hers, I knew he wanted her. From that point on, I had a premonition that someday they would be together." Several years later, Warren and Madonna were a hot item which lasted a couple of years.

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Imagine the scene...

ROBERTA: "Desperate. I love that word. It's so romantic."
LESLIE: "Everybody I know is desperate. Except you."
ROBERTA: "I'm desperate."
LESLIE: "You? Haha."
ROBERTA: "Sort of."

Oh, Leslie. If you only knew how desperate Roberta is. Desperate for some fun. Desperate for some excitement. Desperate for anything but the suburbuan housewife life she's leading with Leslie's brother, a hottub salesman named Gary. Trust me Leslie, she's desperate.

Now Susan, well, desperate isn't the word I'd use for her. Independent. Eclectic. Promiscuous. Beautiful. Forward. Yeah, that sounds more like Susan. But see, a lot of people are desperate for Susan. Roberta is desperate to be her. Susan's boyfriend is desperate to find her. And a kooky mobster is desperate for some earrings of Susans which used to belong to Nefertiti.

Does Susan know any of this? Nope. She's too busy living in her world of bizarre dance clubs and rhinestone boots. But Roberta's not busy, and that's the problem to which Susan is the answer. With Susan around, there's bound to be trouble. And that's just what Roberta is looking for.

Roberta loves the wanted ads and found out about Susan and her boyfriend Jim through a series of ads Jim posts when he's looking for his wild girlfriend. Each ad reads "Desperately Seeking Susan", and Roberta's attention is immediately perked. She starts following Susan and ends up buying a gold jacket with a pyramid on the back which Susan swapped for some boots at a second hand store in Greenwich Village.

The jacket is where the trouble begins. Susan goes ballistic when she realizes she left a key in the jacket which she needs to get her belongings out of a locker, and now she's looking for Roberta. The nutty mobster who's looking for a pair of stolen earrings mistakes Roberta for Susan and hassels her in the park causing her to fall and get amnesia. Now the mobster wants Roberta dead, Roberta's husband thinks she's missing, Susan's looking for Roberta, and Roberta's, well... living the life of Susan.

Stepping in Susans shoes feels good to Roberta, for a while at least. She becomes romantically involved with Jims friend Dez (Aidan Quinn), gets a job as a magicians assistant at a seedy joint called "The Magic Club", and gets a much needed break from her husband Gary.

Susan's experiencing a different side of life also. She got in touch with Gary and told him all about Roberta and the trouble she's gotten herself into, and is helping herself to Roberta's clothes and a suburbian life in New Jersey. Things couldn't be more complicated.

Or could they? A series of mishaps continue, and the mobster is hot on both the girls tails. He almost kills Susan, but thanks to Roberta, this movie has a happy ending. The earrings get returned to where they belong and Roberta's finally lived a dangerous and desperate life.

Classic, classic film. Perhaps one of the most famous films from the 80's, and one of the best films by Madonna. Are you "Into The Groove"? Not if you haven't seen this film, so what are you waiting for? Turn on your VCR or DVD player, pop this film in, and you won't end up "Desperately Seeking" comedy, "Susan" will definitely provide you with plenty.

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Very, Very cute film. I personally wish Madonna still looked the way she did in this film. She had a real innocence about her and her music was absolutely addictive. This film has a lot of stars in it who got much bigger after the film was released. A must see for anybody interested in 80's culture.

Cute styles, great mix of romantic comedy and mishaps, great clothes, great filming locations. Simply adorable.
Maybe not as "cute bubble gummy" as some 80's films, but still pretty much captures what the east coast was like in the mid 80's.

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Key Crew

Director: Susan Seidelman
Writer: Leora Barish, Floyd Byars
Producers: Michael Peyser, Sarah Pillsbury, Midge Sanford
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 29 Mar 1985
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Orion Pictures
Production: Orion Pictures
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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