Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Review

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The return of the great adventure.
Raiders of the Lost Ark Picture
Harrison Ford plays Indiana Jones the archeologist...


Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, Ronald Lacey

John Rhys-Davies, Alfred Molina, Denholm Elliott, Wolf Kahler, Anthony Higgins, Vic Tablian, Don Fellows, William Hootkins, Bill Reimbold, Fred Sorenson Update Cast

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A little piece of George Lucas's Star Wars is cleverly hidden in the dank, snake-filled Well of the Souls. Look very closely at the wall behind the Ark of the Covenant at the complex hieroglyphics. Right in the middle are the ever-popular droids R2D2 and C3PO, shaking hands. They can also be seen on a post to the right of Indy and Sallah as they remove the Ark.

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Indiana Jones promises to bring you action and adventure and he delivers on a massive scale.

Harrison Ford plays teacher and archeologist Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr., the archeologist with a love for danger. In this first movie in the classic series, Indiana Jones is asked to find and retrieve the lost Ark of the Covenant before Hitler's nazi's do.

Of course, Indiana packs his gun and famous whip and races to get there before the nazi's. Indy's journey takes him to Nepal where he meets an old girlfriend, Marion, who soon joins him on his journey. He continues to Cairo, the Well of the Souls and a submarine, before his final battle.

What makes this movie an unforgettable experience, is the fact that Indy is thrown into one dangerous situation only to be thrown into another immediately afterwards without any time for you to catch you breath. The movie is non-stop action with a blend of some nice comedic scenes that only Spielberg and Lucas could accomplish.

George Lucas and Philip Kaufman wrote an excellent story that Spielberg filmed amazingly. The camerawork is nothing short of exceptional. The locations are all beautiful and the danger will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The casting of Harrison Ford and Karen Allen was also an excellent decision and you now cannot even imagine anyone else in the role of Indy except Ford. Paul Freeman plays an excellent opposite to Indy's character as the long time rival Rene Belloq and Ronald Lacey is scary as the menacing Toht.

Denholm Elliot and John Rhys-Davies both have minor roles, but are characters that are memorable enough to make appearances in the future films of the series. Also, I cannot forget to mention the wonderful film score by John Williams. The Indy theme is a theme that accompanies the movie well and is quite catchy. I have caught myself humming it many times.

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An action movie that should be in everyones collection. Indy is an action/adventure icon who still holds a place in all of our hearts even today. Many believe Raiders of the Lost Ark to be the best of the series. Rated #13 on the imdb all time top 250 movies.

The story, the soundtrack, the non-stop action, Indy himself (you could go on and on).
nothing except that some scenes may be a little too much for younger children.

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Key Crew

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: George Lucas, Philip Kaufman, Lawrence Kasdan
Producers: Howard G. Kazanjian, George Lucas, Frank Marshall, Robert Watts
Locations Manager: Bryan Coates, Abdelkrim Baccar, Habib Chaari

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Release Date: 12 Jun 1981
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Production: Lucasfilm, Paramount Pictures
Genre: Action / Adventure

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