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The NeverEnding Story II

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Jonathan Brandis, Kenny Morrison, Clarissa Burt, John Wesley Shipp

Martin Umbach, Alexandra Johnes, Thomas Hill, Helena Michell, Christopher Burton, Patricia Fugger, Birge Schade, Claudio Maniscalco, Andreas Borcherding, Ralf Weikinger, Colin Gilder, Rob Morton, Frank Lenart Update Cast

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The scenes of Atreyu riding his horse are recycled from the first movie, but Noah Hathaway, the actor from the first movie, was not credited for it.

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The NeverEnding Story 2 starts when Bastian (Jonathan Brandis) doesn’t make the swim team.

He is also distraught because his father Barney (John Wesley Shipp) is forgetting his late mother... So Bastian visits Carl Correander, the book dealer.

He asks for a book on courage. While there, Bastian spots “The NeverEnding Story” and the Childlike Empress seems to be calling for help through the book. Just like in the first movie Bastian steals the book.

When he begins to read it, The Childlike Empress draws him into the book and he ends up in Fantasia for the second time. She also entrusted him with the powerful pendant called Auryn, which grants Bastian any wish he pleases.

Meanwhile, an evil sorceress named Xayide (Clarissa Burt), is devising a scheme to make Bastian lose all his memories. To do this she gets one of her henchman, Tri-Face, to make a machine that will make Bastian lose a memory every time he makes a wish. Then she sends one of her spies, a big white bird named Nimbly to befriend him and make him wish as much as possible.

When Nimbly and Bastian arrive at the Silver City, Bastian is to learn that the Childlike Empress is trapped in the Ivory Tower and only he can save her.

Bastian is determined to fight this anonymous force. He is sooned joined by Atreyu and Falkor his old friends and they leave Silver City to fight this force. Bastian soon learns that this force is called the Emptiness and is controlled by Xayide. She “admits defeat” as part of her plan to get Bastian.

She makes him think that she is his friend and brainwashes him and even drives him to kill Atreyu but Bastian soon sees the light.

Bastian wishes Atreyu alive and there is an interesting conclusion which I shall not reveal, for fear of spoiling the movie...

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The best part of this movie (in my opinion) is the acting. Jonathan Brandis gave an excellent performance considering it was his was his first major movie.

It also had great effects and kept to the original story and it is my favorite NeverEnding story film out of the 3 that were released.

Excellent acting and effects and sets and everything was just excellent.
I recognized no weaknesses.

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Key Crew

Director: George Miller
Writer: Michael Ende, Karin Howard
Producers: Dieter Geissler, Tim Hampton, Harold Tichenor
Locations Manager: Raoul Leindecker

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Release Date: 08 Feb 1991
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Waner Bros.
Production: Cinevox Filmproduktion GmbH, Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Fantasy

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