Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack

Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack


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The great song that keeps coming back throughout the movie is called "The Touch" and is an 80's hit performed by Stan Bush. However, in the 1997 blockbuster "Boogie Nights" you can hear Mark Wahlberg trying to make a recording in the movie using the same song. At first, you think that Mark is just making the song up since he is using the funniest sentences like "You got the touch, you got the power" "You're nobody's fool" "You're a winner". But seeing Transformers and realising that the song isn't a joke, really surprises you. But then again, as you hear the song in this incredible artful animated picture, you realise that it was a song with meaning.
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Vince DiCola and Stan Bush often appear at Botcon, and other Transformers conventions. Vince has a band that actually goes to these things to play and sell music from the film. Vince released a second soundtrack for the movie, which you can purchase at these rare concerts. Songs like, "Ground Zero" featuring Stan Bush can be heard on this new compilation.
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The Weird Al Yankovic song, "Dare to Be Stupid" is the background music for the sequence where the Transformers are dancing in the junkyard.

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Score Trivia

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The excellent music of Vince DiCola can also be heard on the Rocky IV movie sountrack. The DVD includes a rare interview with DiCola. For "TF: TM," he was asked by producers Sunbow to submit a piece of music as a tryout. He was hired on the basis of that piece, even though it was never actually used in the final score.
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The name of the music piece Vince DiCola did was "Legacy".
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There are two versions of the theme for the Transformers movie. They are the version you hear in the film by Lion, and a different version that was a colaboration between Vince DiCola and Stan Bush. It is available on the album 'Till All Are One' which was released at a Transformers convention.

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