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Say Anything Soundtrack


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Say Anything featured the following songs:

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The movie is, of course, remembered by many people for the scene (pictured on the video cover and used extensively in the marketing for the movie) where Lloyd (Cusack) plays a favourite song of Diane's (Skye) ouside her window on a portable stereo in an symbolic and touching attempt to win her back after a break up. The song used is by Peter Gabriel, called "In Your Eyes".Update Us

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The song "In Your Eyes" from Peter Gabriel was written for/about Rosanna Arquette.
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Peter Gabriel asked to see part of the movie before he would give permission to use 'In Your Eyes'. Director Cameron Crowe had the production company send him an unfinished cut. Gabriel responded by saying he would let them use the song, as he liked the film. He was, however, wary about the part where the lead character overdosed at the end. It was then that Crowe realized that Gabriel had been sent a copy of Wired instead!
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The Smithereens were asked to write the theme song for the movie. They wrote "A Girl Like You". Crowe thought that the lyrics gave away too much of the plot and so he chose Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" instead.
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The part where John Cusack holds up the boombox, the radio was actually playing a song by the group, Fishbone. "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, was added in post production.
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Cameron Crowe's wife, Nancy Wilson (lead guitarist of the band Heart) and Ann Wilson (Lead singer for Heart) contribute music to the film with the song "All For Love", which is played during the movie and was the song used in one of the two trailers on the Special Edition DVD.

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Primary Composer(s): Anne Dudley, Richard Gibbs


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