Making Mr. Right Movie Review

Making Mr. Right

What's a woman to do when her ideal man is tall, blonde, handsome... and requires batteries?


John Malkovich, Ann Magnuson, Laurie Metcalf, Glenne Headley

Ben Masters, Polly Bergen, Glenne Headly, Harsh Nayyar, Hart Bochner, Susan Berman, Polly Draper, Christian Clemenson, Merwin Goldsmith, Sid Raymond, Sidney Armus, Robert Trebor, John Hambrick, Susan Lichtman, Steve Rondinaro, Sherry Diamont, Ruthe Geier Update Cast

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Glenne Headley (Trish) was married to John Malkovich at the time of this movie.

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Any girl would agree that it takes many components to make a perfect man, but not every girl is lucky enough to have the chance to literally "make" him! One girl by the name of Frankie has the opportunity, but is making a perfect man as easy as it sounds? How hard can it be "Making Mr. Right"? Frankie is about to find out!

Susan Seidelman's "Making Mr. Right" is set in 1987's Fluorescent-colored Florida and begins by introducing us to the main character Frankie Stone and her many problems. Frankie, played by Ann Magnuson (a triple-red threat with her red hair, red lipstick, and red car) is a busy image consultant who has just dumped her boyfriend, wanna-be Congressman Steve Marcus (Ben Masters).

Frankie's new project at work is to get congress interested in some off-key machine called Ulysses Robot invented by Dr. Peters (John Malkovich) who modeled the robot after himself.

Frankie has to teach Ulysses how to act like a human being, and as if that were not hard enough she also has to spend her spare time consoling her promiscuous friend Trish(Glenne Headley) because her actor-boyfriend cheated on her and she has to support her sister Ivy whose wedding is only a few days away. With her blue hair and un-shaved under arms, Ivy is reminiscent of another previously directed Susan Seidelman film, 1985's "Desperately Seeking Susan".

Although her life is complicated, Frankie is not the only one with problems; Dr. Peters is also juggling some problems of his own. He can't seem to shake the geeky Sandy (Laurie Metcalf) who is incessantly chasing him down and begging him for dates. Aside from his personal life, things aren't going according to plan at his job. Frankie was supposed to be teaching Ulysses how to be a well-mannered gentleman, but instead she's turned him into a girl-crazed walking disaster and Dr. Peters doesn't know what to do!

Mishaps and plenty of comedy continue, but the films ends up happily 80's predictable. Quirky and hip, the characters are well developed and complete individuals. This 80's cult classic demonstrates "A hilarious experience about meeting Mr. Right, and then making the most of it."

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I was pleasently surprised by this movie when I first saw it. It was only the second Susan Seidelman directed film I had ever seen and I really like her punk-inspired style.

The characters are totally original and I love all the clothes and hair styles. I also really like the actress Ann Magnuson. She's so cute and I love her voice. She's so much fun to watch.

I also think Laurie Metcalf did a wonderful job with her part as Sandy. She was so believeable as a completely eccentric geek, and she was so funny.

Totally underated, but totally kewl, I encourage true 80's fans to watch this flick.

Cute clothes, cute music, great actors, a great Susan Seidelman production
I admit it's off-the-wall, but that's what I like about it!

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Key Crew

Director: Susan Seidelman
Writer: Floyd Byars, Laurie Frank
Producers: Dan Enright, Lynn Hendee, Andrew Mondshein, Susan Seidelman, Joel Tuber, Mike Wise
Locations Manager: Sam Tedesco

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Release Date: 03 Apr 1987
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Orion Pictures
Production: Barry & Enright Productions, Orion Pictures Corporation
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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