Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Movie Filming Locations

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Locations

The Quest for Peace

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1987 Action / Adventure movie starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Jackie Cooper, Marc McClure

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Locations Manager(s): Richard Dobson

Superman IV Filming Locations:

Filmed extensively in the United Kingdom (England), Superman IV has much maligned British city Milton Keynes standing in for Metropolis in some scenes. See our featured link for an excellent trip.

Sir Frank Markham Comprehensive School, in Milton Keynes, Bucks, known locally as Woughton Campus, was used for various scenes. I was a pupil there at the time and they got several kids from each class to be used as extras... I wasn't one of them, I hasten to add! They filmed an Americal Football (Gridiron?) game and they also used my science lab, which was completely done up for filming - me and a mate sneaked in there one day during a break in filming and were amazed at how it had been transformed... [Thanks to Jem Maidment]

Many Scenes which were not included in the movie were shot at Sir Frank Markham Secondary School, such as the 'underpass' (a pedestrian walkway under the road) which leads to the school, was well as the flag-poles near the playing fields where the Union Jack was taken down in favour of the Stars and Stripes just for shooting.

The A5 next to Milton Keynes Bowl was used for a scene at the end of the film. If my memory serves me correctly Superman flies down and picks up a car which is travelling on the A5. They shut the road as the traffic had to drive on the wrong side of the road to give the impression they were using roads in the US. [Thanks to Steve Molyneux]

The actual filming of the scene where Superman lifts Lex Luthors car into the air actually took place on the on Bricket Wood section of the M25. [Thanks to Mark Rudkin]

I was one of the extras in the Amercan Football Match filmed at Woughton. A school friend played for the local american football team (I think they were called the MK Bucks) and got a few of us to join him. I think this was because several team members couldn't make it due to their parents not allowing them to take time off school to be there. [Thanks to Steve Molyneux]

The Metropolis Museum, where Lex Luthor steals a strand of Supermans hair, was filmed in what was called at the time, Milton Keynes Wintergardens, located in the centre of the city, and just 5 minutes walk up from the Train Station or 'UN' building.

Towards the end of the movie when Perry White is back in charge of the planet he is rallying people back to work, he stands at the head of 2 elevators. These Elevators are actually the side Entrance to the Wintergardens where the Metropolis Musem scene was filmed.

During the filming of Superman IV there was a large display and exhibition of props, costumes and promotional materials for the film at Middleton Hall, which is inside Milton Keynes Shopping Mall. My older brother (who actually went to Sir Frank Markham Secondary School or 'Woughton') cut classes to go meet Christopher Reeve who was signing autographs at the Middleton Hall exhibition one afternoon. [Thanks to Yaz Jung]

Rather than Calgary, as in previous movies, a field in Baldock, Hertfordshire doubled for the Kent's farm in Smallville!

London's 'Hippodrome' night club in Leicester Square stood in for the interior of the Metro Club, and Wembley Conference Centre doubled for a UN hall interior.

It is said that the M25 freeway bridge at Kings Langley, Hertfordshire was also used in the movie.

Along with the city of Milton Keynes and it's residents, Elaine Corman and the children of Croughton Middle School are thanked at the end of the credits.

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