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Mystic Pizza Locations

A romantic comedy with the works.

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1988 Romantic Comedy movie starring Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor, Vincent D'Onofrio

William R. Moses, Adam Storke, Conchata Ferrell, Porscha Radcliffe, Joanna Merlin, Arthur Walsh, John Fiore, Gene Amoroso, Sheila Ferrini Update Cast

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Mystic Pizza Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Mystic Pizza in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at The REAL Mystic Pizza Restaurant, located in Mystic, Connecticut. Google Map

Mystic Pizza was filmed on location in Groton, Stonington and, of course, Mystic, Connecticut -a picturesque coastal town in southeastern Connecticut. Originally a busy ship building village, Mystic is now Connecticut's leading tourist region.

Watchhill ri, Pawcatuck ct, [Thanks to Christie]

Mystic PizzaŽ (the restaurant) caught the eye of Los Angeles based screenwriter Amy Jones, who was summering in the area. Ms. Jones chose Mystic PizzaŽ as the focus and setting for her story of the lives and loves of three young waitresses. "Mystic Pizza" was filmed on location in Mystic and neighboring towns. A set was built for the indoor scenes, as the actual Mystic PizzaŽ restaurant was too small and could not close for months of filming.

The set for filming the restaurant is located on Water Street in Stonington, CT. It's actually known as Stonington Borough. There was no filming in the real restaurant. Julia Roberts boyfriend (Charlie) parents house is also in Stonington Borough located at the end of Church Street.The Bar scene at "Peg Leg Pub" was filmed on North Main Street also located in Stonington. Today, it is still used as a restaurant.(It's really good too!)Also the scene where Charlies car gets a flat tire was filmed on North Main Street. Someone I work with was actually stopped in traffic as Julia Roberts was filming that scene! The site for where Cat's mother is delivered a pizza by Cat is located in Noank, CT. It is called Ford's Lobsters on Riverview Ave. It is still operating today.A lot of the outdoor scenes were filmed in downtown Mystic on East and West Main Streets and on the Mystic River.I go to the actual Mystic Pizza Restaurant at least once a week and can't get enought of it. The best pizza I have ever eaten! [Thanks to Joel]

A building at (approx., not sure) 70 Water St., Stonington Borough, Stonington, CT was used as the exterior of the pizza shop. From the brief shots inside looking out to the front, it seems to also have been used for the interior. As far as I can tell, the "real" Mystic Pizza, which is on W. Main St. on the Groton side of downtown Mystic, was not used at all. The drawbridge scene tickles anyone who lives in or around Mystic as it is famous for bringing tourist traffic to a standstill once an hour every hour during the summer months.

The Real Mystic Pizza still Stands on 201 W. Main Str., but has almost become a shrine to the movie. Big-screen TVs in every dining area continually play the movie, and the walls are covered with stills. just inside the main entrance(off the bar section, they proudly display a theater poster of the movie. Finally, the cover of the menu tells the restaurant's story(before and after Hollywood came calling), ending with MP's current slogan, "The Pizza That Made The MOVIE Famous!" [Thanks to C.T. Warren]

Another location (not certain) was perhaps The Misquamicut Club in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, just down the road from Stonington/Mystic. I am pretty sure it was the location for the scene where Daisy sees her boyfriend with a girl who ultimately turns out to be his sister, and dumps a load of rotten fish in his convertible. The Misquamicut Club is a very old (est. 1895) and exclusive country club for the blue-bloods of Watch Hill, and is a very apropos location for that scene.

The country club was filmed at the Watch Hill Country club in Rhode Island

A third location was a place called in the movie, if I recall correctly, The Eagle Pub. You can see a bridge in the background looming over the building. This was just before the previously mentioned scene. I am certain this building is a restaurant at One South Main St. in Stonington. In fact, it was called One South until recently when it was bought and renamed to Zack's. The bridge is a viaduct that spans the railroad tracks and leads into Stongington Borough, CT.

A bit of local triva: Mystic is not a municipality unto itself. It is really a village that lies half in the Town of Groton and half in the Town of Stonington, CT. [Thanks to Joe C.]

The "Pegleg" Pub is now "Zack's Bar & Grille" located on 201 North Main Street in Stonington (just outside the borough and underneath the viaduct - the small bridge which leads into the borough). It has been significantly remodeled since. Bill's (Vincent D'Onofrio) fisherman boat scenes were filmed on the docks on the east side of the same borough.

Many scenes were filmed along the Pawcatuck River including the Arujo house and I believe the Travers' (William R. Moses) house.

The opening church scenes were filmed in the Noank section of Groton (exterior) and New London (the church interior). The church used for interior shots of wedding at the beginning is being remodeled into a homeless shelter. The insides will be ripped out. What a shame as it was all handcrafted by Polish members of the church.

It is believed the Country Club (where Daisy dumps the fish in Charles' car) is in Watch Hill, RI.

Kat's planetarium scenes were filmed at Mystic Seaport's planetarium and we see Mystic's famous drawbridge in a scene where Julia Roberts and Adam Storke drive off on their first date. Interestingly, in that shot, there is a shadow of the film crew at the bottom of the frame as they pan left with the car.
[Thanks to Peter]

The scene where Julia dumps the lobsters is in fact The Misquamicut Club in Watch Hill. The house Tim rents is also in Watch Hill on the river. The summer house belongs to dear friends of ours and they retained almost all of the interior knick-knacs for the shoot. [Thanks to DWS]

I worked on this film. The ONLY scenes filmed in Mystic were at the drawbridge and at the planetarium in Mystic Seaport and an interior scene with Julia and Annabeth (Daisy & Kat) in a (very tight) 2nd floor bathroom and bedroom in "their" house in Mystic. The exterior of their house was shot in Pawcatuck. The "real" Mystic Pizza had absolutely nothing to do with the film. Even the pizzas we used were from Angie's Pizza in Groton CT. The only inspiration to the writer is the double meaning of the word "mystic"). BTW, the wedding/church scenes were in New London, not Noank. [Thanks to Anonymous]

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