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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1989 Drama movie starring Matt Dillon, Kelly Lynch, James LeGros More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Charles Harrington

Drugstore Cowboy Filming Locations:

Drugstore Cowboy was mainly filmed around Portland, Oregon.

The opening sequence where they are under an overpass was in the industrial area on the West bank of the Willamette River which flows through the middle of Portland. I can't remember the name of the street.

The first house they lived in when the speed freak comes over is probably in Deep SE Portland around between 24th - 39th Division and Hawthorne st. The houses in that area look just like those houses.

The first house they live in, the brick one, is at 914 NE Webster in Portland. Its a duplex unit. [Thanks to Brandon Freels]

The drugstore in the movie was "Seaton Pharmacy" at corner of Southeast 60th Avenue and Belmont Street, Portland, OR. [Thanks to Masa]

If you watch the dvd and play it with Matt Dillon and Gus Van Sant talking which is a special feature on the dvd, Gus Van Sant says the drugstore is on 21st and Davis. [Thanks to Larry]

The drugstore in the first scene was Nob Hill Pharmacy on the corner of NW 21st and Glisan. The other drugstore near the end when Nadine spills all the pills is Seatons on SE 60th and Belmont.[Thanks to Larry and Sean]

The apartment building they lived in is in one of the older trendier sections of Portland 21st-23rd streets in NorthWest Portland... That's also the area where Matt Dillon tries to rip off the hospital - Good Samaratin Hospital NE 23rd and Lovejoy.

The diner they meet in was a place called Quality Pie that doesn't exist anymore it was across the street from the hospital.

The greyhound bus station was in downtown Portland as well. It's not there anymore, they shut it down in the early 90's after it was a nightclub for awhile and then a Western line dancing club - then they tore it down and put a Skyscraper on the site.

[Thanks to Amanda Evans for this excellent locations info]

I lived on Greenwich Ave, one block west of Interstate and running north to south starting at Lombard, in northeast Portland. I used to walk down Greenwhich and one morning had to take a detour because a film crew was using a house on the street for Drugstore Cowboy. [Thanks to Josh McKee]

The upstairs apartment they move to is on NW 21st and Irving, across the street from the "Gypsy" bar. [Thanks to Sean]

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