Igor and the Lunatics Movie Review

Igor and the Lunatics

Still crazy after all these shears!


Joseph Eero, Mary Ann Schact, Joe Niola, T.J. Glenn

Joan Ellen Delaney, Peter Dain, Kathleen Dennehy, Buddy Durrant, Bobby Hargrave, Constance Rodgers, Edward Mears, Brendan Faulkner, Thomas Doran, Patti Cohen-Hecht, Christopher Chandley, Peter Iasillo Jr., James H. Burns Update Cast


Look for Billy Parolini making a cameo appearance!


Back in the 60s, a hippie cult lurked in the woods outside a small town, experimenting with promiscuous sex, mind-altering hallucinogens and worshipping their tall, dark, shaggy-haired leader, Paul. From one of the his affairs, a child resulted, a baby boy, who was left behind when the cult's hideout was raided by the police. The Boy (Buddy Durrant) was raised by Hawk, a fatigue-wearing, crossbow-wielding American Indian living in the woods near the former cult compound.

Paul senses a lack of faith among his followers, which makes him deeply angry. And when cult leaders get angry, people get killed. He and a few of his goons kidnap Sarah, a pretty brunette, and cut her in half with a rotary saw (we see the whole thing - yum!). This upsets Igor, a nut case who's had one too many bong hits; he's so nuts, in fact, that they keep him chained to a tree. Screaming in frustration, he chops at his chain with a rock, wailing "No! Not Sarah!"

Now, rumors have arisen that the cult leader has been released from prison, 16 years later, and is out for revenge. A former follower sets out to warn the town, leaving behind his frowsy, buck-toothed girlfriend, who's not exactly a rocket scientist. Meanwhile, Paul, Igor and the rest of the "lunatics", armed with sharp objects galore, return to town in a big, unmarked van, performing impromptu "surgery" on a female hitchhiker along the way.

While exploring the woods alone with her dog (an absolute necessity for all horror movie heroines), the girlfriend of the former cultist meets The Boy, the love-child of Paul and one of his girl followers. Together with Hawk, The Boy's guardian, they set out to battle Igor and his gang of Lunatics. Except that Igor, after sustaining multiple gory head injuries, refuses to die; he's simply made more insane.

The end scene is classic: a couple dining at an upscale Beni Hana-style Japanese restaurant, only to see that their chef is none other than Igor, cackling madly and wielding one of those two-pronged meat forks.

Igor & the Lunatics is one of those low-budget movies that doesn't have much info on it and the cast consists primarily of unknown actors who have not appeared in any other movie. This gives it a gritty, choppy documentary feel that adds to its bizarre charm.

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A great movie for fans of Troma & cult cinema and certainly for those who like to laugh at sick, silly, gory movies.

Darkly humorous, with some classic scenes.
A little thin in the plot department.

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Key Crew

Director: Billy Parolini
Writer: Jocelyn Beard, Billy Parolini
Producers: Jocelyn Beard, Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman, Billy Parolini
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 19 Dec 1985
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Troma Films
Production: Troma Entertainment
Genre: Horror / Occult

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