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Hotel Shootout


James Mitchum, Cameron Mitchell, David Goss, Zuhair Haddad

Julie Schoenhofer, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Troy Donahue, Aldo Ray, Brandon Angle, Larry Lawrence Update Cast


At a Mafia chief's mansion in Los Angeles, a group of his men are relaxing by a swimming pool with women on top of alcohol.

One of the mafioso is irritating his fellows by harrassing a couple of the women when the chief, Feliciano (James Mitchum), approaches, demanding to know what is going on. While enjoining that the women are removed, he questions his men about the finalisation of preparations for an attack on a nearby farm.

Following his having received reassurances that these have been made and that the men have been sitting in the cars, waiting for about thirty minutes, then he orders that the assailment be carried out. The instructions are that everybody on the farm is to be murdered so that there are no eyewitnesses, except for a mother as well as her boy. The boy is to be kidnapped while the mother is to be left alive.

The mafioso park their cars on the outskirts of the farming commune, arm themselves with guns, don masks to protect their identities and then execute the raid, which is a success. Although two mafioso are killed, everybody on the farm is murdered despite trying to either hide or defend themselves, apart from the mother, Rebecca (Julie Schoenhofer) together with her son Stevie (Brandon Angle) who are found lying low in the bath behind a shower curtain of their home. Stevie is kidnapped and taken to the home of a Mafia gang member while Rebecca is left a ransom note that states that six million dollars must be paid to ensure Stevie's safe return and that it is to be left in Hollywood Boulevard near the Chinese theatre where they will see her. If any police become involved, then she will never see Stevie alive again.

It will later be revealed that the reason for the kidnapping is that Rebecca's husband and also Stevie's father, Joe Fresno (Larry Lawrence), who left them a year earlier, after three underlings robbed a Mafia chief's widow of six million dollars which he then helped them to carry away, and ran off with it all. Unsurprisingly the Mafia wants it all back.

The widow filed a complaint with police but withdrew it three days later. Distraught to say nothing of unable to swiftly produce such a large sum of money, Rebecca decides to go to Hollywood to report her son's kidnapping to the police. As she approaches the police station, Rebecca encounters a plainclothes policeman buying his lunch from a local frankfurter stand. This is Sergeant John Turquoise (David Goss), otherwise known as "Turquey." When John sees a police car with two policeman pull up outside the hotel across the street, then he decides to see for himself what is the matter and tells the frankfurter stand manager to look after his lunch for him, leaving Rebecca to ask her about him.

Questioning Officer McKaye let alone Officer McVie, John learns that a hotel manager has called, saying that three men are holding a pair of tourists, a married couple, in their room and as far as they can tell, it is a rape in addition to armed robbery. When John queries the two policeman as to why they are waiting, then they reply that they are waiting for Lieutenant Maxwell (Troy Donahue) to arrive. Annoyed, John pulls out his pistol and imparts them to go into the hotel straight away, adding that when Lieutenant Maxwell does turn up, then they will be raping the husband too.

Entering the hotel, they go directly to the room, sending Officer McKaye further down the corridor. Inside the room, the wife is being raped while her husband is tied to a chair, gagged and threatened with a machete. Attempts by John and Officer McVie to gain access by posing as the manager fail, so they decide to storm the room when one of the gang members exits another door close by and shoots Officer McVie in the shoulder, wounding him. Wheeling round, John kills the gang member by shooting him in the chest and then bursts into the room as the other two gang members, hearing what is going on, run into the adjoining room, closing the door behind them.

When John enters the bedroom, then he finds the Arab couple but not the gang members even though he searches everywhere. After sympathetically patting the Arab husband (Zuhair Haddad), John leaves the way he came in, dodging a bullet fired by one of the pair as they come out and race down the corridor, pursued by John, who is urged on by Officer McVie. When the pair get to the landing, then they decide to seperate, with the first gang member taking off for the roof as the second goes down a passageway to find a room to conceal himself in.

John, his pistol ready, appears on the landing a moment later but only runs into Officer McKaye, whom he directs to take the stairs. Meanwhile, the second homie is unable to settle on a room to go to ground in as they are all locked, so dumping his jacket on the floor he goes back down the corridor only to run across John. Shots are fired and the second homie is killed. John then hears gunfire above him and returns downstairs.

What neither the two policeman nor their quarry know is that by now the Arab husband has freed himself and, armed with the machete, is looking for his wife's rapist. The first homie gets to the roof, from which he jumps into the slope between the hotel and the fence. Officer McKaye, coming after him, sees him running down the slope, takes aim with his pistol and shoots him in the shoulder, wounding him. The Arab emerges onto a balcony and looks on as the gang member takes cover behind some bushes while John runs up the slope and encounters Officer McKaye, who is coming down.

When John asks if he saw anybody, then Officer McKaye answers that the guy came this way and that he hit him. Concluding that he is somewhere down near the front of the hotel, they decide to look round for him there. When they have gone, then the guy comes out from behind the bushes and looks after them and then goes back behind the bushes while the Arab, having located his wife's assailant, leaves the balcony, comes downstairs and down the slope to the bushes, from which he seeks to drag out the guy, only for the latter to push him over. As the Arab gets to his feet, his machete raised at the ready, the gang member, not realising the extreme danger that he is in, endeavours to shoot the Arab only to find that he is out of bullets, whereupon he puts his pistol back in his pocket and pulls out a knife, waving it at the Arab, who, undeterred, severs his hand from his wrist with the machete.

As John and Officer McKaye come running up, the Arab grabs the guy and takes him hostage. John tries to negotiate with the Arab but does not help matters with his lack of tact or skill while the Arab holds the machete to the guy's throat. John then pleads with the Arab to let them have him, as the law is going to punish him, but the Arab, unimpressed, just dismisses it as their law, saying that the gang has dishonoured him, and that his law says that the mans life is now his, and so, as the two policemen look on in shock over and above horror, he decapitates the guy with his machete, causing Officer McKaye to more or less retch.

Back at the police station, Captain Bonano (Cameron Mitchell) with Lieutenant Maxwell present, reprimands John over the way the situation turned out, with three killed, one policeman wounded and another in the toilet vomiting like nobody's business. Dismissing with sarcasm John's protest that he was trying to use some common sense, Captain Bonano succeeding his imparting John that if he had waited for Lieutenant Maxwell, then nobody would have been either hurt or killed, finishes the rebuke by warning John that if his current behaviour towards the captain continues, then John will be demoted so low in the police force that he will give the word failure a bad name.

Returning to the frankfurter stand with his partner Jaguar (Lincoln Kirkpatrick) to retrive his lunch, John discovers Rebecca there, crying. When he enquires what is wrong, then he is answered by the manager that Rebecca's son has been kidnapped and Rebecca adds that she has been to the police station for three instances in three days for new information in the police investigation of her son's kidnapping and they still haven't divulged anything.

When John quizzes Rebecca as to the name of the policeman to whom she originally made the report, then neither he nor Jaguar are none too surprised to learn that it was Lieutenant Maxwell.

At this point both policeman decide to invite Rebecca to a cafe to discuss the matter further. And so the investigation begins...

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Good, cheesey fun. This is a film that always entertains and it never fails.

Beautiful women, swift pace, inadvertently humorous situations along with dialogue and enjoyable performances.
None. (Unless you don't care for action films, in which case you will dislike this film.)

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Director: Amir Shervan
Writer: Amir Shervan
Producers: Moshe Bibiyan, Simon Bibiyan
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 05 Feb 1988
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Peacock Films
Production: Peacock Films
Genre: Action / Adventure

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