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"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
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When michal swings across the gap and crashes into the stone wall. Near the broken bridge you can se that it's grey rubber mats.
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When Joan and Jack first meet in the jungle, they haven't exchanged names yet and while getting shot at he asks her "who the hell are you anyway?" To which she sputters that she's a romance novelist.

Moments later, while he's shooting back and she heads off and finds the bridge, he's mumbling about how she should pay attention because she's "got a real life Jesse right here."

Assuming he doesn't read romance novels (as evidenced later at the drug dealer's house when he's looking over one of her books for the first time), how would he know about Jesse?

Bogus Blunders

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After the bus collides with Jack's truck, Jack, (Michael Douglas), is upset that his birds flew 'south for the winter.' Well, he is in South America and his birds are already south for the winter.
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