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17 year old Marty McFly got home early last night... -30 years early.


"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Sci-Fi movie starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson

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You can clearly see in the scene where Doc is hanging from the clocktower that he is wearing velcro shoes. Velcro shoes were not invented in 1955.

User Andrew Basson Said About This Entry: This is because in 1985 Doc packed luggage before the libyans came and when Marty went to 1955, there was 1985 luggage in there... including Velcro Shoes, and some natural underwear, just to prove that if you heard the "who knows if they've got cotton underwear in the future" comment... You know he packed luggage for the postponed trip 30 years into the future but was taken to the past to 1955 where doc's shoes were taken the by the past doc and worn by him in the clock tower scene
Thanks to Frank Scarangella
I have noticed in the end of the movie when Biff brings in the box of books for George Mcfly, When they open the box it is full to the top with books and bubble wrap but when they change camara angles the books and bubble wrap are not to be seen.
Thanks to Jason Davies
During the Twin Pines Mall chase, the Delorean loses 12 miles off the mileometer... Obviously a mistake overlooked in editing. I only spotted this because I have seen the movie so many times!
Thanks to Bryan Skorczewski
The guitar used by Marty at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance (1955) wasn't invented until 1957!
Thanks to Martin Rocque
In the first scene we are introduced to the Delorean, Doc radio controls the car for the first time travel experiment. When he brings the car to a "smoke show" before releasing it, there's a close-up shot at the remote. Notice that the needle of the battery meter on the remote is on the red - just like if the remote wasn't switched on. When the batteries of these remotes are full charge, the needle goes way to the right when switched on. Unless of course the circuitry was by-passed or tampered for the prop's use in the movie.
Thanks to Nick A.
In the movie, it can clearly be seen that the DeLorean's speedometer reads a maximum speed of 95 mph. This is clearly an alteration on the car since all DeLoreans built had speedometers that only went up to 85mph (sports cars built between 1981-1985 were only legally allowed to read up to 85 mph)
Thanks to Andy
When Marty first arrives in 1955, it's 1:30 in the morning when he crashes into the barn and it's dark. When he drives off and notices "Lyon Estates", it's daylight. How did anyone not find the time machine hidden behind the huge board? It's not as if it's a packet of peanuts, and surely there would have been construction workers on site before he and doc went back!

UPDATE: Kevin Schmidt kindly wrote in to say that he thought the same thing, but at the bottom of the sign it says 'breaking ground this winter.'
Thanks to Graham Erickson
Throughout the movie the amount of electrical power needed to run the time machine is said to be "1.21 Gigawatts" (pronounced with a soft 'g' like genesis). However, this should be pronounced Gigawatts (with a hard 'g' like girl) which is equal to 1.21x10^9 or 1,210,000,000 Watts.
Thanks to Amy Ward
I have noticed recently, after watching the 1st and 2nd film one after the other, that in the first film, just after George knocks Biff out and Marty comes rushing through the crowd, the boy and girl standing there who say "who is that guy? George McFly, that's George Mcfly?" are completely different actor and actress in the 2nd film! For a start the girl in the first film was a brunette, in the 2nd film she was blonde. When you saw Marty push through them in the 1st film, he literally shoved them out of the way, whereas in the 2nd film, he just brushes past them!!
Thanks to Brad
When Marty walks from the "soon to be Lyon Estates" in 1955, the sign says that Hill Valley is 2 miles away. Presumably, he drove from Peabody's Farm to that point; yet in the future, it only takes him 10 minutes to run from downtown to "Lone Pine Mall." Did Marty run two 5-minute miles?
Thanks to Ross Blum
When Marty writes the note to Dr. Brown about the day he went back in time, (warning him of his impending death) he signs his name (Marty) and the "y" is different from when Dr. Brown shows him the taped together version after traveling back to the future. The one that he writes in 1955 the "y" has a loop, but when seen back in 1985 it does not. I have seen this movie too many times!
Thanks to Kenny Holford
The scene where Marty and George are hanging clothes to dry and talking about the plan for the dance,you can see Marty's flap on his pocket is in, then the next scene that shows him it is out.
Thanks to Jake_jacobs
When Marty plugs in the cord (stereo plug) into his guitar, the other end that's plugged into the amp is suddenly a mono plug (tip/sleeve as opposed to tip/ring/sleeve). Furthermore, Marty has already maxed out the volumes and overdrives BEFORE plugging in his guitar. If this truly happened, the amp or speaker would have blown up the instant he plugged the guitar cord into the amp, as the connectors briefly short out (+/-) while plugging them in.

User covercamp updated about this: After Marty plugs in the cord from his guitar to the amp, he flips on several other switches presumably to complete the connection of the guitar to the system so it wasn't necessarily a goof that he didn't blow the system by plugging in.

John Cahill kindly adds: There is no way to blow up a guitar amp. If he had everything full

1. how do you know the ring and sleeve were not already shorted thereby making it the same as a mono plug
2. A guitar amp does not differentiate between + & -, it simply uses the signal + to ground, but it does or usually has a low impedance.
3. All guitar amps and speakers are totally tested unless he had a 4" speaker and a 500 watt amp, but then, it would only fry the speaker coil. It would never blow up.

Sounds to us like there's still a goof in there somewhere...?
Thanks to Anonymous
In the scene when Biff wrecked the car and eats candy from the candy jar while talking to Marty, the candy jar is 2/3 full. In the next shot, is 1/3 full.
Thanks to Jarett
When marty first meets Doc in the past, he tells him that Ronald Reagan is president. Then Doc says "then I guess the first lady is Jane Wyman..", but Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman were actually divorced in 1949 and he was married to Nancy Davis in 1952.
Thanks to Supertastic
In the Darth Vader scene in 1955, Marty has a hairdryer is his belt in one shot, in the next shot it is gone, and when it cuts back the hairdryer has returned.
Thanks to Ryan Moore
When Marty goes into the diner he tries to order a Pepsi Free and then a Tab, then he just says to give him something without any sugar in it. The Diner guy gives him a coffee and lays his change on the counter. My question is- What did Marty pay him with? Did he have currency from 1955 in his pocket? Because if he didn't, then there would be some evidence of newer coins in that cash register, unless by some freak accident he had 30 year old coins or older in his pocket...
Thanks to David
The original Air date of the "Classic Honeymooners" ("Man from Space") episode that they are watching at his grandparents family dinner table (after he wakes up from being hit by the car) is December 31, 1955. More than a month after Marty's arrival.
Thanks to Annie
When Marty goes back in time and is chased by Biff's gang, you can see that he is wearing Blue Converse sneakers. However, on the night that he goes back to the future, he is seen pushing the pedal in Nike shoes. Did he bring an extra pair of shoes with him to the past? I doubt it.

Katie wrote in to add: Converse were made in the 20's so Doc may have bought him a pair when he took him shopping for 50's clothes...
Thanks to Natasha
When Marty arrives in 1955, and is walking around Hill valley town square, he believes he is in a dream; he picks up a newspaper from a wastebin to check the date. Notice that before he picks the newspaper out of the trash his hair is flat and very messy. After he looks at the newspaper his hair is perfectly tidy and styled!
Thanks to Anonymous
In the scene where Marty is being chased by the car on his make-shift skateboard, when the car carrying Biff and his gang crash into the manure truck, you can clearly see that only the hood section (and maybe a bit of the drivers seat) is in harm's way for the manure to hit it, but the very next shot shows the entire passenger section directly in front of the opening of the manure truck, allowing all passengers to be covered.
Thanks to oneyedwilly
When the DeLorean first goes back in time with the dog, the number plate on the car comes off (Marty tries to pick it up). But later it is back on the car again.
Thanks to Yomtork
In part II, Old Biff take the DeLorean to change the past in 1955.

He comes back in the future, where Marty and doc just found Jenifer in the "old version" future. -It's impossible, Biff should have traveled through his new future. Marty, J, and Doc should have been blocked without the DeLorean and would have disappeared. Biff should still run the world, end of the movie.
Thanks to john doe
I'm not sure if it can be considered a goof, but in the begining when Marty speed away from the guy shooting at him. He says something like "lets see if you can b***tards can do 90" then gives full speed. Apparently unaware that the time machine part is on, yet he's heading straight for a small boot of some sort in the middle of the parking lot. Like he knew he was gonna go through the time portal and never gonna hit it.
Thanks to seanmm
When doc sends Einstein one min into the future at Twin Pines Mall, when Einstein arrives back, if you look quick, you can see that the stopwatch that's around his neck has a black and white display, but when doc compares the two stopwatches it clearly has red digital numbers on it.
Thanks to Anonymous
As Marty walks towards the Doc to meet him in the car park to test the time machine, the wheels on his board change from yellow to orange and back again!

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

The following goofs for "Back To The Future" are apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

When biff went back into the past with the almanac, surely it should have just turned into blank pages? just like the "YOU'RE FIRED' Peice of paper Marty's girlfriend had when she went back to the present from the future. The book hadn't been written yet?!!

the book wont go blank because none of the info in it would have been changed or modified, the reason the 'your fired' paper erased was because marty didnt get in the crash with the rolls royce so in the future that whole scene with the 'your fired' would never have happened whereas all the sports still happen
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