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Favorite movie quotes and links for the 1981 Teen Drama movie starring George C. Scott, Tom Cruise, Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn

Ronny Cox, Brendan Ward, Evan Handler, John P. Navin Jr., Billy Van Zandt, Giancarlo Esposito, Donald Kimmel, Tim Wahrer, Tim Riley, Jeff Rochlin, Rusty Jacobs, Wayne Tippit, Jess Osuna, Earl Hindman, James Handy, Steven Ryan Update Cast

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Colonel Kerby (played by Ronny Cox) to Brian Moreland (played by Timothy Hutton): "Somebody sold you on the idea that dying for a cause is 'oh, so romantic.' Well that is the worst kind of all the kinds of bulls--- there is. Dying is only one thing: bad. Don't find that out, please!"
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Wrong execution of the right idea

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