A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Movie Review

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Prithy, fair lady. From whence come of ye?


Keshia Knight Pulliam, Jean Marsh, Rene Auberjonois, Emma Samms

Whip Hubley, Hugo Blick, Bryce Hamnet, Michael Gross, Berlinda Tolbert, Marissa Lindsay, William Nunn, William Jongeneel, Gardew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Bernard McKenna, Camilla Dempster Update Cast


Wouldn’t it be awesome to go back in time?

Well that is exactly what happened to Karen Jones (Keshia Knight Pulliam). Except this wasn’t exactly voluntary.

Karen was just a normal 12 year old girl who didn’t really care for school and was just having a normal life. One day when her mother picks her up from school, she tells Karen that she would have to tag along with her sister Liz’s (Marissa Lindsay) equestrian club, which Karen hates. She tells her mom that she longs to be more grown up and if anything should happen she knows karate. Her mom tells her she is not ready leave her at home just yet.

So it’s off to the stables with Liz. When Karen gets there, she gets the urge to ride a horse. She asks a guy at a nearby paddock if she could ride. He tells her sure, just stay in the paddock. Well, not knowing how to ride lets her fear make the horse go out of control. The horse jumps over the paddock and races through the woods. The horse bucks and Karen falls (in a very humorous manner) off of the horse and lands with a thump on the grass and becomes unconscious.

When Karen comes to, she sees a man, dressed as some sort of knight, mounted on a horse with a spear telling her to surrender. He commands her to march, and she agrees while questioning his sanity. He tells her that his name is Sir Lancelot. She says “Oh terrific and I’m the Queen Of England.” They march through a small village of poor people and she yells for help but everyone runs away for her. They are all dressed in rags.

When Karen and the knight reach their destination it is a huge castle. They march inside and Lancelot tells two guards to watch her. Karen, being a little frightened now, asks a teenage boy with an orange cloak on if he is an inmate or just visiting. His response is “Prithy, fair lady. From whence come of ye?” After a short chat with the boy she learns that his name is Clarence and the castle in which she stands in is King Arthur’s Court and he is a page. She also learns that she is in England on June 6th 528 A.D.

Lancelot yells for her to appear before the King and receive her sentence. When she gets to the throne room, she is accused of “feigned ignorance of knightly law, impersonation of the beloved queen, and her clothes frightened Lancelot’s horse.”

When she is sentenced to being burned at the stake, Clarence warns her that all they believe in is magic. So to save her self, Karen pulls out a camera that she had in her backpack and warns that she will zap them with her “lightning box.” They believe her after she starts snapping pictures and when one falls out she warns them that if she rips the picture they will also be ripped.

They surrender and give her whatever she wants. She also becomes a knight called Sir Boss.

From then on Sir Boss is highly respected, and becomes friends with everyone. The people in the castle teach her all about being a knight and she teaches them all about being a teen in the 80’s including a quirky scene where she teaches Queen Guinevere and her ladies-in-waiting how to dance. But there are 3 people who do not welcome Karen (Sir Boss). Mordred, Merlin, and Mordred’s mother Morgana De Lafay. They wish to kill her and the king and make Mordred the king...

While Karen and King Arthur are out on a mission to find out why the peasants of the village are so poor, Morgana and her knights capture them. They escape but upon returning to Camelot, Mordred challenges Karen to a jousting match. Lancelot offers to fight for her. When Lancelot is about to kill Mordred, Mordred commands his army to enslave all of Arthur’s followers.

So once again Karen and Arthur are enslaved, along with Lancelot and the knights, and Guinevere and her ladies-in-waiting. Can Karen escape execution and even return to her own time?

Well, watch the movie and find out!

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This was an excellent movie. It was fun and lighthearted, and just a nice movie to watch. It had a great plot and was just an all around good movie.

Good acting, funny scenes, quirky characters, good plot
It wasn't theatrically released and is very hard to find on video. But as far as the actual movie goes, I recognized no weaknesses

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Key Crew

Director: Mel Damski
Writer: Mark Twain, Paul Zindel
Producers: Graham Ford, Merrill H. Karpf, Adrienne Luraschi, James Pulliam
Locations Manager: Gyorgy Kuntner, Carri Gibbs

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Release Date: 18 Dec 1989
MPAA Rating: U
Studio: Consolidated Productions
Production: Consolidated Productions
Genre: Family

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