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Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
This thread should be used to ask questions in attempts to identify a movie from the 90s.

Please do NOT create lots of different threads and clutter the board.


From saturday9t:

a 90's movie. A group bandits rob a bank or a post office. They hide in a family house which is a wood cabin in forest or countryside.The family includes husband, wife, boy, & all of them & bandits are white people. A blond female bandit is hurt badly. The housewife lies that she worked as a nurse before & could cure the blond bandit. One bandit asks the boy: "Have your mom worked in a hospital?" The boy says: "What hospital?" The blond bandit dies & saying where is my money when she dies. Her boy friend works in that bank or post office. He steals money for her.
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
It sounds like a movie that Angelina Jolie was in,back in the 90's, but I can't find it on her IMDb page.

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