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"The Snowy Peaks ski patrol is one diverse crew.
They consist of Jerry, the senior member who loves skiing and is in love with Ellen, a ski school instructor at Snowy Peaks;
Iceman, singer and master of impressions; Eddie, the demolition and explosives expert;
Stanley, who has failed to make the patrol seven years in a row; and Tiana, a foreign exchange patroller who likes Stanley.
While having fun and keeping the mountain safe, they try to save the lodge from greedy land developer, Sam Maris." (IMDb)

This is a silly and formulaic but entertaining ski comedy.
Mr. Police Academy Paul Maslansky was involved so they could have easily named this Ski Academy
and it infact was named Ski Academy in some countries.

The movie stars Roger Rose, Yvette Nipar (Terminal Entry), always great T.K. Carter, Leslie Jordan,
Paul Feig (Zombie High), Sean Sullivan (The In Crowd), Tess Foltyn, George Lopez, Ray Walston and Martin Mull.

Lots of jokes and gags here and i found the on-going growing pills gag the funniest.
You can see few pretty women in the film but no nudity.

I liked the upbeat soundtrack which includes three cool Steve Morse Band tunes.

This movie has a serious 80s hangover with all that neon [Smile]
Nice way to spend the sunday afternoon!

Ski Patrol trailer

Finnish VHS cover art:

Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
I remember this movie used to play alot on the movie channels back in the early to mid 90's. And I used to watch it alot. Even eventually recorded it onto a VHS tape (which I don't have anymore.)

So even though I haven't watched it in quite awhile, I would guess I still know most of the movie inside and out. But it'd be highly doubtful that I would enjoy it as much as I did back then. Like the Police Academy movies that it's very much similar to, I just think the humour is kind of dated and a bit too cheesy for my comedy taste nowadays.

I did always really enjoy Leslie Jordan in this movie though. His Murray character was the funniest of the bunch as I recall. If I ever did sit to watch the movie again, his character would be the only reason why.

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